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Featured professional development

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Get the skills and knowledge you need

We've put together this collection of professional development programs and seminars that we hope will help you during these uncertain times.

All of our career offerings are available online through alternative delivery methods.

Professional leaning back in work chairCreating Healthy and Effective Workplace Cultures

The purpose of this professional training series is to equip human resource professionals, managers, business leaders, and workplace consultants with the skills to train others in Positive Workplace Practices (PWP), which promotes enhanced employee wellbeing, engagement, and team performance. This series draws on evidence-based team and organizational practices from positive psychology to promote mental wellbeing and resiliency, allowing individuals, teams, and workplace units to flourish.

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Professional leading a meetingManaging Crisis and Challenging Behaviour

A crisis is any situation that is outside the realm of normal that requires a response. Crises can take all forms. In this course, you will learn how to manage crisis situations, facilitate discipline in a professional manner, confront unwanted behaviour in an objective manner, and understand the policies, procedures, and legislation needed before dealing with employee behaviour.

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Three smiley faces showing emotionsManaging Mental Risk and Supporting Mental Health

Mental health illnesses represent an immense psychological, social, and economic burden to organizations. Research has found that the best method for reducing the impact caused by mental health issues and illnesses is prevention. In this course, you will gain an understanding of mental health and the continuum of happy to mental illness and learn to enhance workplace productivity by protecting and improving employee psychological safety and well-being.

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Hands typing at a computerManaging Remote Employees

Companies are embracing the idea of employing remote workers who can provide a diverse range of skills and viewpoints without being bound by location. This course explores the benefits and drawbacks of remote work and provides managers with tips for helping their remote workers stay connected and motivated.

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Speech bubble with a hashtag symbol in itMarketing 2020: Strategy and Execution

This completely online and self-paced course utilizes Inc. Magazines prize-winning editorial content to introduce basic concepts of digital marketing. It focuses on providing practical, hands-on advice to entrepreneurs and small-business people, including video segments with analysis and commentary from industry-leading practitioners and subject matter experts.

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Individual relaxing in front of a windowMental Fitness Practice

Mental health concerns are on the upswing in Canada. A recent study done by Benefits Canada magazine found that 58% of respondents reported feeling job-related stress on a daily basis. This course is an opportunity for you to develop the foundational knowledge and insights required to create your own personal mental fitness plan.

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A hand stopping dominos from falling downOptimizing Operations and Managing Crisis

This self-paced course incorporates prize-winning editorial content from Inc. Magazine to introduce basic concepts of business operations and crisis management. It focuses on providing practical, hands-on advice to entrepreneurs and small-business people, including video segments with analysis and commentary from industry-leading practitioners and subject matter experts.

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A green plant growing out of a crack in pavementPathway to Coping

Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions during uncertain times. Now, more than ever, it is important to take care of your mental health. Pathway to Coping is a structured, developmental program that will show you how to develop skills and techniques to cope better with stress and improve your ability to solve problems and to make healthy and effective decisions.

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Young professional leading a meetingPsychologically Safe Leaders

This course is designed to help you better understand the concept and risk factors associated with being a psychologically safe leader. Participants will gain the knowledge necessary to help mitigate risk, develop skills, and enhance awareness related to their role and how it can positively impact the psychological safety of employees.

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Person on a mobile deviceSocial Media Marketing

Using social media in marketing is practically a requirement in today's highly connected digital world. But it can be confusing and complex to dive into social media marketing without some foundation in the basics. This course focuses on teaching the principles, best practices, and strategies for incorporating social media into a marketing plan.

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Professional in an online team meetingStrategies for Effectively Working Through Change

Every organization experiences some form of change to requiring varying degrees of organizational transformation in order to survive a rapidly shifting environment. This seminar is aimed to assist leaders on how to identify and address the typical questions and concerns that employees raise during times of uncertainty, as well as how to use appropriate change strategies and corresponding behaviors to address employee responses to change.

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Person in front of a desktop computerTeaching Online

Even the most experienced teachers often need help transitioning into the world of teaching online. When you don't meet your students face-to-face teachers must adjust their tactics and strategies to help them identify struggling students and to ensure students are engaging and learning the material. This course offers an overview of the major models, tools, and techniques in teaching online.

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Professionals in a meeting wearing masksCertificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership

The Certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership (CPSL) is a self-paced, online program designed to empower new and developing managers to support the mental fitness of employees, reduce mental harms, and promote mental health in the workplace.

Learn more about CPSL

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