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Certificate in Management Essentials

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Launch your management career

The online Certificate in Management Essentials (CME) covers the skills every supervisor or manager needs to succeed.

The CME is offered completely online, in a self-paced format that fits your schedule. You can register at any time but each course must be completed within six weeks from confirmation of registration. You should plan on an estimated 15-18 hours of time commitment per course to successfully work through the readings, content, tests, and assignments.

You can also customize the program to focus on your specific gaps in skills and knowledge. You can complete the entire certificate or take individual courses based on your goals and needs.


  • Increase your opportunity to break into or advance in your management career
  • Learn real-world skills, techniques, and processes that you can apply in any supervisory or managerial position
  • Gain the insight needed to effectively and efficiently facilitate people and processes within any organization
  • Set yourself apart from the competition

This certificate, designed by subject matter experts, addresses the specific core competencies required to be a successful manager. The curriculum has been reviewed and approved by the University Senate. Each course includes three core competencies that provide a comprehensive introduction to management and a final evaluation that allows employees to demonstrate their learning and progress. In addition to six core courses, employees can choose four out of twelve electives, based on their identified needs and interest.

Employer benefits

  • Increase the knowledge base of existing managers or provide development for promising non-managerial employees
  • Develop an effective performance management process aligning the individual’s efforts with your organization’s goals
  • Facilitate and support the employee, providing tools to help identify gaps, create a learning plan, and review progress
  • Retain top performers
  • Address the individual’s needs and reinforce themes and core competencies required by the organization

Today’s managerial job market has created an environment where employers hire those who have performed well at their jobs but may lack the necessary skills required to manage effectively. Organizations wanting to retain their top performers should make developing managerial skill sets a top priority.

See for yourself how the CME program aligns participants and employers through a learning pathway.


Gain knowledge and awareness of your current management and leadership abilities through a Management Essentials Competency Assessment (MECA). As you work through CME courses, you can re-visit the assessment to track your progress.

Who should attend?

The program is designed for new or emerging managers or supervisors who want to improve their skills quickly and apply them immediately, recent university or college graduates looking for supervisory or management positions, and anyone anticipating or aspiring to move into management.

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