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High Impact Corporate Learning Program

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Now, more than ever, leaders understand that the total health of employees directly impacts the function of teams, productivity, and the financial health of a business.

The High Impact Corporate Learning Program (ICLP) is a suite of specialized courses designed to develop your entire team.
Three program streams—Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Workplace Health and Wellness, and Leadership and Management Essentials—provide fundamental knowledge and skills to better prepare management personnel and their teams for success in today’s everchanging, complex world.

Program Streams

  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS): provides background and framework for managing workplace health and safety, how to engage employees, and how to establish and implement an OHS management system.
  • Workplace Health and Wellness: provides the fundamentals of proactive planning to build employee wellness into everyday policy and procedure.
  • Leadership and Management Essentials: provides a how-to overview of the management system, including critical elements such as planning, organizing, leading and controlling management systems.

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Mental Fitness

The Mental Fitness Practice online course is an opportunity to develop the foundational knowledge and insights required to create a personal mental fitness plan. Creating a mental fitness plan can help to build a mental fitness practice that will have a positive impact on employee mental health, as well as workplace engagement and productivity.

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Pathway to Coping

If you are tired of being frustrated, stressed, feeling hopeless or overwhelmed, and are concerned about your mental health, this course can help. It will show you how to develop skills and techniques to cope better with stress, improve your problem-solving skills, which can lead to more internal peace.

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Cannabis in the Workplace

UNB is proud to offer two workshops on the topic of cannabis in the workplace. The Manager's Perspective workshop provides managers with an integrated model for how to effectively support and manage employees in the workplace who may be impaired due to cannabis or other drugs. The Employees Perspective covers the basics employees need to know regarding cannabis and the workplace. Employers can use this workshop as an Occupational Health and Safety compliance step.

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Certificate in Management Essentials

The online Certificate in Management Essentials (CME) covers the skills every supervisor or manager needs to succeed. Select any of the 18 courses in this program for your high impact corporate learning.

  • CCME 1000 Leading from within
  • CCME 1001 Communicating with Impact
  • CCME 1002 Taking the Guess Work Out of Management
  • CCME 1003 Leadership vs Management
  • CCME 1004 Managing Challenging Behaviors
  • CCME 1005 Supervisor's Toolbox
  • CCME 1100 Beyond Engagement
  • CCME 1101 Coaching Skills for Managers
  • CCME 1102 Operations Management Toolbox
  • CCME 1103 Leading and Managing Through Change
  • CCME 1104 Building a Successful Team
  • CCME 1105 Etiquette, Ethics and e-Communication
  • CCME 1106 Conflict, Mediation & Negotiation Toolbox
  • CCME 1107 Navigating People-Driven Crisis
  • CCME 1108 Customer Relationship Management Strategy
  • CCME 1109 Cognitive Strategies for Leaders
  • CCME 1110 Facilitating the Employee Lifecycle
  • CCME 1111 Supporting Mental Health Risk

Course descriptions

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