Scholarships for continuing students

Apply by Apr. 15*

If you're a continuing student at UNB (Canadian or international) and would like to be considered for scholarship support, you need to apply every year.

If you’re returning to study full-time in the upcoming year and have completed 24 credit hours at UNB in the past assessment year (May-April) or were enrolled in the co-op program, complete the scholarship application in your eServices (Academic tab). The application is open every year from Jan. 1 to Apr. 15 and covers the majority of UNB scholarships (500+) for both campuses. If you’ve been studying part-time and plan to attend full-time in the upcoming year, complete the application and email us stating your intentions.

Other awards

Aside from the general scholarship application, you can apply for the scholarships listed below either through your eServices or by emailing the appropriate department/faculty. These applications ask for additional information about you which directly affects the awarding decision.

How recipients are chosen

Scholarships are awarded primarily on your grades (scholarship GPA) however some may have other conditions, like financial need, extracurricular activities, the high school you attended, etc. Scholarships usually reflect the goals and values of the donor.

Successful applicants will be notified by email in early August.

*Did you miss the Apr. 15 deadline and want to apply? Please let us know, but keep in mind that scholarship opportunities will be limited.