Computer Science

At the University of New Brunswick Saint John, we offer a number of computer-science programs, and they  are housed in the department of Computer Science.

The department also cooperates with other departments to offer some innovative programs that combine CS with other disciplines.  Together with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, we offer the Certificate in Data Analytics.

Our faculty members do advanced research in various areas of computer science, and we conduct various outreach activities for New Brunswick.

Student Opportunity: The evolution of computing technology

An innovative career awaits, since the world needs more computer scientists. An August 2014 article at Workopolis showed CS  degrees leading to some of the highest Canadian starting salaries and the best chances of finding work in the field.

Computer scientists helped create - and are at the forefront of -  the digital revolution.  Graduates can look forward to a variety of career prospects with potentially high salaries in a creative work environment. Jobs vacancies are available in just about every industry, including medicine, communications, entertainment, aeronautics, manufacturing, law enforcement, energy, forestry, environmental technologies and food production.

Student Opportunity: Analyzing data -  finding diamonds in the deluge

Another hot job area involves analyzing the flood of data around us, looking for valuable trends.  The world of data analytics combines statistics with computing and visualization, and it is billed as "The Fastest Growing Job Market You've Never Heard Of".   Starting in the 1970's, we offered a degree in Data Analysis, combining CS with statistics and mathematics.  More recently, a certificate in Data Analytics has been developed and was approved by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission in 2015.