Residence & Conference Services Staff

Manager, Residence & Conference Services

The Manager, Residence & Conference Services is responsible for residence admission, administration and management of the residence buildings and the staff which consists of the Residence Admissions Admin. Assistant, Conference Coordinator and housekeeping positions. Bar Services also report to the Manager. It is the responsibility of the Manager to ensure that the residences of UNB Saint John are maintained, cleaned, repaired and renovated to a satisfactory level.

The Manager does not manage or deal with Residence Life issues or staff.  Neither the Manager, Residence & Conference Services nor the Residence Life Coordinator report to each other, but they work together to ensure that all residence students enjoy their time in residence.

Residence Life Coordinator

The Coordinator is responsible for the administration and management of Residence Life.  He or she provides leadership and is responsible for the overall vision, impact and direction of Residence Life at UNB Saint John.  A full time, professional staff member, the Coordinator lives in residence amongst the students.  The Coordinator is responsible for the training, hiring and supervision of Residence Life Staff (Resident Assistants), is responsible for student discipline within the Residence Community and placement of students in individual rooms and with roommates at the beginning of the year and has final decision on roommate/room switches.  He or she is also responsible for policy and updating and development and helps coordinate emergency response should a situation arise.  He or she is there to provide academic help, guidance, leadership and support to students and to ensure a balanced safe and healthy living and learning academic and social environment is maintained in the community.

Administrative Assistant, Residence Admissions

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for admission of students into residence, maitenance of waitlists (if any), contracts, room deposits as well as room bookings for campus and general administrative work.  If you have an issue throughout the academic year, you are encouraged to speak to your RA. You can also go see this person for issues with your key card, meal plan or applying to residence.

Conference Coordinator

The Conference Coordinator is responsible for all room bookings and events for the University.


Housekeeping is responsible for the cleanliness of the residence common areas, including the halls, lounges and stairwells, as well as the washrooms in the Dunn residence.  It is important to realize that they are not there to clean up after you.


Maintenance staff are responsible for responding to requests to fix various things or repair items that may break in residence. If there is something not working in your room (e.g. fridge, microwave, phone line, toilet, shower) please call an RA.