UNB Moncton's Research

UNB research is happening all over the world and our Moncton faculty members have taken part in projects spanning the globe. Our faculty's research interests are as varied as their participants.

While living/studying abroad (Australia/Indonesia), as well as here in Canada, Dr. Catherine Aquino-Russell has explored the lived experiences of people from diverse cultures and ages. These lived experiences include having a different sense of hearing; experiencing cultural immersion; and living with diabetes (type 1 and 2) and cancer. Dr. Aquino-Russell is also involved with investigations to determine if learning is enhanced through improved sound scape in classrooms and through the practice of Transcendental Meditation (more…)

Dr. Lynne Duffy completed her doctoral research, an ethnography of women and HIV/AIDS prevention in rural Zimbabwe, in 2002. Since coming to UNB, she has completed investigations around women's experiences with cancer survivorship and, through an AUTO21partnership, health promotion studies of child vehicle safety. However, her main research focus is working with girls and women in Canada and Guatemala through the community-based method of Photovoice, in order to understand and enact change around female experiences of violence, community health, and socio-economic-political marginalization (more Photovoice...)

To gain a better understanding of the educational experience of nursing students, Dr. Monique Mallet-Boucher is exploring how students experience assessment in clinical courses.

Dr. Andrew Didyk has traveled extensively investigating parasites found in birds.