Dr. Catherine Aquino-Russell, RN, BScN, MN, PhD 

Photo of Dr. Catherine Aquino-RussellProfessor

Educational Summary 

PhD; Curtin University; Perth, WA, Australia

MN; University of Manitoba; Winnipeg, MN

BScN; Lakehead University; Thunder Bay, ON

Teaching Summary

Graduate student supervision and mentoring

NURS 1131 - Helping Relationships
NURS 3082 - Theoretical Foundations in Nursing
NURS 4113 - Families Within Populations (Co-teach)

NURS 4176 - Practicum


Key Areas of Interest/Expertise 

Qualitative Research
Patient Education
Nursing Theory
Distance Education/ Web-based Educational Strategies
Soundfield Amplification Technology in Schools
Living with Hearing Loss
Clinical Practice in the Community
Self-Directed Work Teams
Parse's Human Becoming Theory
Lived Experiences
Giorgi's Phenomenological Method
Critical Care
Adolescent Sexual Health
Family Experience with Type 1 Diabetes
Transcendental Meditation

Research Interests 

Person's Lived Experiences
Human Science Research
Cardiovascular Patient Education

Research web page


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