Career possibilities are limitless

Nursing as a career is more than a job; it’s a growing profession offering an astonishing range of choices and opportunities. Nurses are the heart of health care. As a registered nurse, you can make a difference in one person’s life through one-on-one care, and in the health of all Canadians through research and leadership. (Canadian Nurses Association [CNA])

Nursing offers men and women a wide range of opportunities for career challenges, travel, professional development and the personal satisfaction of working in a caring profession that helps people achieve their best personal level of health. (CNA)

Canada’s health-care system could not function without registered nurses (RNs). They interact with patients and care for the whole person, including their physical, intellectual and social needs. RNs use high-tech equipment, perform complex procedures and lead and manage staff. RNs can further their education and be rewarded with even greater career opportunities such as Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Researchers and Nurse Educators. You will find RNs in busy intensive care units and in small neighbourhood health clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, community agencies, research and policy centres, correctional services and businesses. They assess infant and toddler growth and development and promote healthy child rearing in the many northern, rural, urban and ethnic communities of Canada. They run health and safety programs in factories; they discuss policy in government; they work with children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. There are nurses doing research in all areas of nursing care. There are nurses teaching groups of clients and other nurses. Nurses participate in the administration of hospitals and other institutions. (CNA)

Salaries of RNs range from about $68,000 for RN 2 to $94,000 for Master prepared Nurse Practitioners all depending on location, education, and level of responsibility. (New Brunswick Nurses Union)

This is a good time to consider nursing. In Canada, we are facing a nursing shortage since many nurses will soon retire. Changes in the health care system such as increasing health care services provided to patients at home and in the community, more illness prevention and health promotion, and growth in the elderly population continue to broaden opportunities for nurses (CNA)

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