How the plan was developed

We believed that a successful strategic plan in our university needed to be developed through extensive consultation. So we started with an open-ended questionnaire, followed by a detailed online survey, and facilitated sessions on our campuses in Fredericton and Saint John and with many interested community groups. All of these internal and external groups showed a great interest in the future of the university and their opinions and ideas are found throughout the plan.

Discussions with these individuals and groups were focused on four themes:

  • Building on Student Success
  • Building Better Research and Graduate Studies
  • Building a Better UNB
  • Building a Better Province

A Steering Committee, representing the many communities within UNB, was formed to distill common ideas, values and aspirations within the wealth of information received during the consultation process.

After the Steering Committee was created, a web-based questionnaire was developed. More than 54,000 people were invited to participate in this questionnaire that yielded nearly 5,500 responses. Internal strategic planning breakout sessions at UNB engaged more than 200 participants over two days in Saint John and approximately 300 participants over two days in Fredericton.

These sessions were well-received, provided useful information, and helped form the basis for each of the nine white papers. The Alumni Council, student groups and retirees were also consulted for their input. The external process consulted with 27 stakeholder groups from the University’s broader communities.

Faculties on the Fredericton campus developed implementation plans to help ensure that their activities supported the goals within the strategic plan.  Planning sessions were held on the Saint John campus with the Senior Advisory Committee (SAC), followed by a consultation session with the campus community.

The President's Executive Team (PET), consisting of the president, vice-presidents, university secretary and director and senior advisor of the Office of the President; set their own priorities to align with those listed in the strategic plan.  PET believed, and still believes, that the priorities listed are the foundation for the success of our plan and enables them to focus their attention to high priority areas.

This strategic planning website was created to document the progress of the plan’s creation. Web survey results, nine white papers and a “What We Heard” document generated from our external consultations have also been shared on this site.

The plan was brought to our Senates and our Board in draft form in the early Fall of 2010, and was approved by those three bodies by December 2010. The final plan has guided our work from January 2011 and will continue to do so through to December 2015 and beyond.