International Business & Entrepreneurship Centre (IBEC)

The International Business & Entrepreneurship Centre (IBEC) aims to foster partnerships between UNB and the business community, increasing the knowledge base about New Brunswick's growth-oriented entrepreneurs and helping students to grow into effective, innovative business people through experiential learning, research and training and opening up the field to many unique opportunities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and support international business and entrepreneurial leadership among students, faculty and growth-oriented businesses in New Brunswick.

Creating viable opportunities 

Judges and contestants at the 2014 BMO Financial Group Apex Business Plan CompetitionIBEC runs a variety of programs that are centered on real life experience, offering students the opportunity to go out into the business world and either work with existing businesses, or create their own venture.

In today's economic climate, finding a job after graduation has become even more difficult. IBEC's programs help students to shine in the job market since they've developed that extra edge over the competition.

Hands on, experience-oriented programs

Rather than operating through the typical, textbook methods of learning, the courses taken through IBEC allow for actual experience in the business world.

While some classes have students create hypothetical projects and ask how they could be implemented, the courses taken for IBEC programs have students design a plan and then carry it out with a real business. Students can create their own entrepreneurial endeavour, or provide consultation to an existing company.

IBEC brings students and businesses together to gain the skills to grow their entrepreneurial spirit through many exciting and innovative programs.

Take a look around at what our Centre does, from its programs and scholarships, to competitions and other events. If you're looking to break into the world of entrepreneurship, this is your outlet.