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The Department of Classics and Ancient History has an active research agenda with numerous projects underway by faculty members both at home and abroad. Publications in preparation encompass a broad spectrum of Greek and Roman studies that include material culture, social history, and the literary and epigraphic traditions. The results of our research enhance our course offerings at the undergraduate level, and offer the opportunity to create stimulating seminar courses and research opportunities for our graduate students.   A selection of major projects includes, the search for Plato’s Academy (James Murray), the Roman mint as a reflection of imperial policy and economic realities (William Kerr), the role of Alexander the Great in the political thought of the Hellenistic Jews (Adrian Tronson), a volume on the stamped roof tiles from the excavations of the American School of Classical Studies at Isthmia, Corinth (Michael Mills),  the Houses and Households of  Roman Greece and excavations of a Roman peristyle house from Abdera (Maria Papaioannou), and the politics of freedom during the Peloponnesian War (Matthew Sears).  For more details on other projects and research interests log on to individual websites.