History of the Centre

The concept of a Centre was expressed years ago by Dr. Haruo Konishi (1968-1998), a retired Greek History Professor from the Department of Classics and Ancient History, whose dream was to establish a centre for Hellenic studies at UNB. Although at the time this was not possible, the ‘dream’ was not abandoned. Through the establishment over the past three decades of various cultural and educational programs developed by the International Bilateral Relations Departments of the Greek Ministries of Culture and Education (i.e. scholarships, exchange programs, visiting instructors etc.) and with the cooperation of the Faculty of Arts and Department of Classics, the creation of the Hellenic Centre, once a ‘dream,’ has become a reality.  As a result of these efforts and the overwhelming support and response from the Greek Communities in New Brunswick and other Atlantic provinces, the government of Greece and the Consulate General in Montreal, the Centre was officially opened on November 2, 2007.