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Modern Greek

Fishbourne Mosaic

Roman Britain - New in Intersession 2011

CLAS 3693: Roman Britain

A study of the ancient Roman presence in Britain based on firsthand examination of Roman remains, including visits to Roman cities, villa and bath complexes, museum collections in London and elsewhere, and Hadrian's wall and other military installations. Travel costs not included in tuition.

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Modern Greece photoCLAS 3463 - History of Modern Greece

An introductory survey course of the history of Modern Greece beginning with the Greek War of Independence in 1821 to World War II.  Special attention will be paid to various events and themes (such as the Asia Minor Catastrophe in 1922 and the Greek Diaspora etc.)  by utilizing literature and other historical sources and documentaries in order to present the society, culture and politics of Greece and gain a better understanding of the modern Greek identity.  There are no prerequisites.

CLAS 3473 - Introduction to Modern Greek Literature

An introductory survey course of Modern Greek literature in translation. Emphasis will be placed on the history and development of literature from the 19th and 20th centuries by examining a selection of poetry, short stories and novels. Included in this survey are the Nobel prize winners George Seferis and Odysseas Elytis. There are no prerequisites.

Trojan Horse photoCLAS 3513  The Trojan War: Myth and History

Fought over the theft of a woman, the Trojan War has been a part of popular culture for 3000 years. It has been told and retold by poets since Homer, depicted in the arts of ancient Greece through the Middle Ages and Renaissance into modern times, sparked the romantic imaginations of early archaeologists, and most recently been interpreted on the screen in films such as Unforgiven and Troy. This course will explore the Trojan War through literature, historical texts, archaeology, the visual arts, drama and film.

GRKM 1003 - Modern Greek Language I

This course is designed to focus on the basic grammar and syntax elements of the Modern Greek Language. Students will expand their working Greek vocabulary so they can read the texts fluently and engage in conversations. They will also study not only the language but the Greek culture too.

Book photoGRKM 2003   Intermediate Modern Greek I

A course designed to build and develop reading, writing, listening and oral skills acquired at the introductory level. Prerequisites: GRKM 1013 Modern Greek I or equivalent.

GRKM 2013   Intermediate Modern Greek II

A course designed to further develop comprehension and oral skills and improve speaking and writing ability.  Prerequisites: GRKM 2003 Intermediate Modern Greek I or equivalent.



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