UNB Media Artist-in-Residence

The Department of Culture and Media Studies is pleased to welcome Media Artist in Residence (2016-2017), Chad Comeau.

(Photo by Rosella Melanson)


Chad Comeau’s passion for games began at the age of four when his grandmother started playing Nintendo with him. He has been creating digital games as a hobby for years, but only began releasing completed projects in 2014. This year, he has found increased success with several game creation contracts with different organizations. 

Comeau has created games on various subjects, including Acadian culture and disability. His hometown of Clare, Nova-Scotia, served as an inspiration for several of his games, such as La vie d’Arcade, Les chmonnes sont clares, and Meteghan Frenchy's User Experience Simulation. These games explore the unique nuances of Acadian culture and have gained him a significant amount of attention in the press especially in the Francophone communities of New Brunswick and Nova-Scotia. His formal training in translation also informs the use of language in his work. 

In April 2016, Comeau helped present a game project, fade, at the Different Games 2016 conference in New York City. fade is game he helped develop with six LGBTQ+ youth as part of a dissertation by UNBF PhD candidate in sociology Nathan Thompson.

During his time at UNB, Comeau’s responsibilities will include holding weekly office hours for interested individuals, organizing a public game jam development session, and guest appearances in MAAC’s Introduction to Video Games classes. He hopes to communicate the increased accessibility of game creation and share ideas with UNB students and the public. 

Chad Comeau’s residency is made possible with the help of funding from Arts NB, the Media Arts and Cultures Program and the Faculty of Arts.

Existing work:

Master list of projects:


Individual game projects:

Granny Games – Margie - https://fringfrang.itch.io/granny-games-margie

Meteghan Frenchy’s User Experience Simulation - https://fringfrang.itch.io/frenchys

fade - https://gametivist-collective.itch.io/fade

La vie d’Arcade - https://fringfrang.itch.io/la-vie-darcade

Les chmonnes sont clares - https://fringfrang.itch.io/chmonnes

Crime is Sexy - http://jallooligans.itch.io/crime-is-sexy

Pokémon Dusk - https://fringfrang.itch.io/pokemon-dusk                                     

Press coverage:

April 2016: TV and radio stories on Radio-Canada about two projects, fade and Les chmonnes sont clares.

March 2016: UNB press release about fade

December 2015: Yahoo UK (for Crime is Sexy) - https://uk.news.yahoo.com/10-best-games-2015-youve-113848514.html

December 2015: Featured in L’Acadie Nouvelle’s list of top 30 people under 30 to watch. L'Acadie Nouvelle is a New Brunswick francophone newspaper.

November 2015: Interviews on Radio-Canada radio shows in November 2015 following the release of Meteghan Frenchy's User Experience Simulation.

November 2014: An artistic review of La vie d'Arcade was published on Astheure.com.

October 2014: Front-page story about La vie d'Arcade in Le Courrier, Nova-Scotia's provincial francophone news paper.

October 2014: Journalists discussed La vie d'Arcade on national television show Couleures locales, on the Unis network.

July 2014: News article about La vie d'Arcade on page 6 of the July 4, 2014, edition of L'Acadie Nouvelle.

Contact Chad Comeau

Office: Marshall D'Avray Hall Room 238
Phone: (506) 447-3322

Email:  Chad Comeau