Culture and Media Studies

Globalization, democratization, technology and post-colonial forces continue to shape our world. Our expert faculty prepare students to respond to challenges and opportunities by developing analytical, creative and academic skills in many disciplines.

Located in Carleton Hall, the Department of Culture and Media Studies houses nationally and internationally educated specialists in languages, literatures, music, film and media studies. This multidisciplinary group is dedicated to fostering broad understandings of culture while also offering opportunities for students to engage critically and creatively with an array of global cultures, media arts, and musical traditions.

In our department, you can:

  • learn about culture and cultural diversity
  • expand your competence in foreign languages
  • combine traditional coursework with creative projects using a wide range of digital technologies
  • improve your communication and intercultural skills in discussion-oriented classes
  • blend theory and practice as a scholar and a creator of music, film, games, design and more

Our alumni go on to top graduate schools as well as pursue careers in education, translation, public relations, design, filmmaking, the music industry, and many other exciting fields.

The Department of Culture and Media Studies offers the following academic programs: 

Comparative Cultural Studies (Honours, Honours with German or Spanish Option) Media Arts & Cultures (Honours, Major, Minor)
Comparative Cultural Studies (Major, Major with German or Spanish Option) Media Arts & Cultures (Film Production) (Honours, Major)
Minor in Comparative Cultural Studies  Music (Minor)
Interdepartmental Minor in Film Studies (Minor)
The Department also offers introductory language courses in Chinese, Japanese and Russian.