International Health Insurance

Who Needs It? 

UNB policy states that all international students who have student or applicable visas must purchase international health insurance. This is because the above persons do not qualify for provincial health coverage (Medicare). 

Landed Immigrants

International students with landed immigrant status do qualify for Medicare. In order to access these benefits, landed immigrants must register with the Province of New Brunswick immediately upon arrival. After registering, there is typically a three-month waiting period, during which time applicants will not be covered. Students in this situation should therefore plan to purchase health insurance through UNB during this waiting period. 

Is the University International Health Insurance Mandatory?

Yes.  It is mandatory for International students to participate in the UNB offered International Student Health plan.  For additional information regarding the plan becoming mandatory, please refer to UNB's Health Plan for International Students.  Students who are accepted into the NB Medicare program or students who are in a mandatory Sponsored Program insurance plan, can ask for an exemption.

To ask for an exemption, an Opt-Out must be completed at Financial Services, 8 Bailey Drive, for UNB Fredericton students or at Financial Services/Student Accounts; Oland Hall, Room 137, for UNB Saint John students by September 15, 2017.  New students beginning in January 2018 must opt out by January 19, 2018.

How Much Does it Cost?

This health insurance plan offers single or family coverage. If a student's family is accompanying the student to Canada, there is an additional charge for family coverage.  Please ask about the appropriate rates for pregnancies.

Insurance rates are updated each year and are determined by the insurance provider. See below for the latest insurance rates.

Member Type12 Months8 Months4 Months
Registered Student $942 $628 $314
Registered Student + 1 Family Member $1,884 $1,256 $628
Registered Student + 2 Family Members $2,826 $1,884 $942
Registered Student + 3 Family Members $3,768 $2,512 $1,256
Registered Student + 4 Family Members $4,710 $3,140 $1,570
Registered Student + 5 Family Members $5,652 $3,864 $1,884

How Do I Get It?

Health coverage for international students is provided through an insurance plan administered by the university. All full-time and part-time international students -- including students enrolled in one or more credit courses through the College of Extended Learning's Open Access Learning Program -- will be automatically billed for international health insurance.

Students need to complete an international health insurance application form each year.

Please visit the Mandatory Health Insurance page for application forms and other insurance documents, as well as further information on the many benefits and services available through the plan:

RSA Travel Insurance

What About Refunds?

Even if they only require coverage for a portion of a term, students must pay for the entire term's worth of health insurance. If a student pays for a year of coverage in September but leaves UNB by the end of October, he or she must pay for the first 4 months of coverage but may be eligible for an 8-month refund if no claims have been placed.