Kersi S. Davar

Professor Emeritus in Civil Engineering (deceased)

Encaenia Ceremony C: May 20, 2004

Kersi S. Davar devoted 30 years of his professional life to teaching and research at the University of New Brunswick.

As a professor of civil engineering, Dr. Davar exhibited an exceptional talent.  He was meticulous in his preparation and command of his subject.

Dr. Davar always kept abreast of new research and developments in the hydrotechnical field.  As a research supervisor, he ensured that his graduate students stayed focused on research objectives and his door was always open to those who needed guidance and advice.

Dr. Davar spearheaded the establishment of the graduate hydrotechnical program which focuses on water resources management, fluid mechanics and river engineering.  As a result of his efforts, the UNB program has earned national recognition.

His legacy, however, is his promotion of the importance of river ice engineering and its impact on socioeconomic makeup in northern countries. Dr. Davar's contributions to the field are known and respected internationally.

His research findings have been published in respected journals and in both national and international conference proceedings.  He has been awarded three distinguished service awards and has been an active member of five professional associations.