Dale I. Bray

Professor Emeritus in Civil Engineering

Encaenia Ceremony C: May 20, 2004

Having Dale I. Bray as a professor at the University of New Brunswick meant you were inspired.

He taught numerous civil engineering courses in his 35 years at the university and worked to develop the hydrotechnical branch within the department.  Dr. Bray established elective and graduate courses in surface and groundwater resources, inspiring many students to pursue careers in hydrotechnical engineering.

He also initiated a partnership with the University of Costa Rica with which a thriving undergraduate exchange program now exists.

His dedication to research and problem-solving is another area in which Dr. Bray excels.  He has published over 80 papers in leading professional journals and has been active in his support of graduate students.  His pioneering research into river engineering is often cited by researchers in the field of river and environmental hydraulics.

Dr. Bray provided steady and open leadership to his colleagues when he served as chairperson of his department in the 1990s. He also co-founded the UNB Groundwater Studies Group and served as its co-ordinator from 1988 to 1996.

For exemplary service to his profession, Dr. Bray has received numerous awards and the recognition he deserves.