Fredericton's Emeritus Honorees

Chronological list by year and ceremony

Unless otherwise noted, the individuals listed received the professor emeritus/a designation.

d = deceased    

* = did not attend ceremony

1980 Encaenia Allan E. Boone (d) Physics
1983 Encaenia Frederick W. Cogswell (d) English
Gertrude E. Gunn Librarian Emerita
1984 BOG Meeting Mary Louise Lynch Governor Emerita
Encaenia Irene Leckie Nursing
William Y. Smith Economics
1985 Encaenia Ira M. Beattie (d) Civil Engineering
James K. Chapman History
David R. Galloway (d) English
Arnold McAllister Geology
1986 Encaenia Edward D. Maher (d) Administration
Howard W. McFarlane Civil Engineering
Douglas R. Pullman Sociology
1987 Convocation (afternoon) Angus C. Hamilton Surveying Engineering
R.H.B. McLaughlin Civil Engineering
Convocation (evening) Leonard C. Smith (d) Classics
A. Ronald Taylor (d) Biology
1988 Convocation (afternoon) Dominick S. Graham History
Mary Ella Milham Classics
Alvin J. Shaw (d) Spanish
Convocation (evening) Uno Paim Biology
D. Murray Young History
1989 BOG Meeting Marguerite Vaughan Eller (d) Governor Emerita
Convocation Robert J. Gibbs English
Robert E. Hawkes Education
A. Murray Kinloch (d) English
Albert M. Stevens Civil Engineering