Environmental Geochemistry Option

This option provides Earth Sciences students who have an interest in environmental science with a background to pursue careers or graduate studies in environmentally related geoscience fields, especially in areas related to water resources, contamination and remediation.

For graduation with an Honours degree, a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and a grade of B- or higher in ESCI 4900 are required. Students failing to meet these requirements will be awarded a Major degree. 

The Environmental Geochemistry Option will meet the requirements for professional registration in New Brunswick. 

Required Courses
First Year
ESCI 1001, 1012, 1006, 1017, MATH 1003 or 1053, 1013 or 1063, CHEM 1001, 1006, 1012, 1017

Students are required to successfully complete BIOL 1001, 1006, 1012, and 1017. and  PHYS 1061 or 1071, 1062 or 1072, PHYS 1091, 1092 prior to graduation. Either the BIOL or PHYS courses must be included in first year.  It is strongly recommended that the remaining science  be completed by the end of the second year of study.

Second Year

ESCI 2131, 2142, 2211, 2321, 2602, 2703, MATH 2003 and 2013 or 1503 and 2513, CHEM 2601.

Third Year
CHEM 2121, 21363122, 3137, ESCI 2022, 3442, 3631, 3713, 4512, one of STAT  2264, or 2593, one of BIOL 2073, 2113, or 4351, plus sufficient electives (see below) to meet program requirements.

Fourth Year

GE 5753, ESCI 3131, 4401, 4452, plus sufficient electives (see below) to meet program requirements.

Honours students are required to take ESCI 4900 (Thesis Project) in addition to the above courses.


In addition to the required courses, the program requires three (3) term course equivalents of Earth Sciences electives, plus four (4) term course equivalents of non-Earth Sciences electives.