Earth Sciences

ESCI3492Petroleum Geoscience (A)5 ch (3C 3L)

This multi-disciplinary subject is covered by introductory lectures on: chemical composition of petroleum (particularly oil and gas); the environment of petroleum (e.g. subsurface conditions, associated rock-types); theories of petroleum generation; migration and accumulation of oil and gas; sedimentology and heterogeneity of reservoir rocks; structural and stratigraphic traps; exploration and development of petroleum resources; Canadian petroleum resources; and world petroleum reserves. Lab focus on exploration methods, including geochemical fingerprinting, core analysis, and interpretation of petrophysical and seismic data. 

Prerequisites: ESCI 1001 , 1012 , and one of 1006 , 1026 , or 1036 . Recommended ESCI 2211 , 2321