BIOL4981Biology of Freshwater and Marine Fishes (A5 ch (C/L/S) (LE)

An intensive course that combines lecture material on select taxonomic, organismal and process-oriented aspects of fish biology with laboratory and field investigations of applied fisheries science.  Field trips to freshwater and marine sites will focus on sampling methods, assessing population size, species diversity, ecology and environmental impacts. Laboratory exercises will include ageing, fish taxonomy, development and comparative functional morphology. Work will incorporate both group study and individual projects with an emphasis on scientific analysis and interpretation of data, including a formal seminar presentation. There may be an additional charge for field trips. Limited enrollment. 

Prerequisites: BIOL 2093, 2105, 2113, 2143, or BIOL 2003, 2008, 2013, 2063, 2068. Offered in alternate years; normally taken in the same term as BIOL 42114221, 4641, 4991 as part of the Marine Biology Concentration. Credit will not be given for both BIOL 4981 and BIOL 4741/4746.