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Second Language Research Institute of Canada

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Research and scholarly work

L2RIC has been involved in research and scholarly work in various second language contexts for many years. Currently, the institute is involved in four major initiatives:

  1. Official Languages Education Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage
  2. Other current scholarly initiatives
  3. Graduate student research
  4. Research and scholarly activity (publications, presentations)

Official Languages in Education Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage

Several classroom-based research projects are sponsored through the Official Languages in Education Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage. The following projects are part of L2RIC’s action plan for 2019-2023:

  1. Exploration of new trends in content-based language teaching
  2. Teaching and assessment in second language contexts
  3. Intercultural, linguistic, and pedagogical competencies and second language teacher identity.

Meet the researchers

Other current scholarly initiatives

FSL Teacher Education Project "Identifying Requirements and Gaps in French as a Second Language (FSL) Teacher Education: Recommendations and Guidelines"

In 2020, the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT) launched a two year research project that aimed to identify ways to better equip new FSL teachers for success in the early stages of their careers. The project was conducted by the FSL Teacher Education Consortium, which comprises researchers from L2RIC, the University of British Columbia and the University of Ottawa. Learn more.

Graduate student research

Graduate student research at the MEd and PhD levels is conducted under the guidance of L2RIC faculty. Recently completed graduate student research:

PhD dissertations

Master's theses and reports

Research and scholarly activity

Every two years, L2RIC publishes a report that describes in detail the research projects and other scholarly and professional activities undertaken by the institute's team members.