Student Leadership

There are many ways for students to get involved with the Residence Life community. These roles will help you develop valuable leadership skills and give you the rewarding experience of functioning as a role model for fellow students.

Join a House Orientation Committee

Each September, UNB welcomes a great many new students to our campus.  In order to ease their transition to university life and to provide new students with a warm welcome, an extensive Orientation program is developed and implemented by academic faculties, the residence community, and the UNB Student Union.  House Orientation Committees (HOCs) are an important part of this process.

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Join a House Committee

House Committees are elected bodies of students who plan events for their respective houses, and who offer leadership and advice on house affairs.

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Become a Proctor

Proctors are student leaders who are selected to help provide a supportive, positive living environment for students in residence. Students may apply for the role following an information session early in the Winter semester. Following interviews, successful candidates are selected by house dons.

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