Our divisions

Supporting services, programs & facilities for students

The dedicated professionals in each of our five divisions support our students’ efforts both inside and outside the classroom.The Student Services department brings together many of the programs on the Fredericton campus that contribute to our goal of providing an exceptional and transformative student experience.

Our aim is to help our students achieve academic and personal success and to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will empower them to live our motto, “dare to be wise.”

Academic success

The units of the academic success division are dedicated to helping students engage fully in the classroom and to support them when they struggle to do so.

Our programs and services encourage students to explore their interests, set personal and academic goals, and reach their full academic potential.

Division members also help our entire university understand the complexity of the challenges students face.

Conference services

The conference services team provides meeting, event, and accommodation facilities and services to students, staff, faculty, and external clients.

We employ more than 50 students each year, helping them gain valuable training and experience as they develop their career skills.

Our team is proud to run a successful entrepreneurial unit at UNB, the proceeds from which go directly to supporting facilities, services, and programs for our students.

Finance and operations

The finance and operations team provides financial management, oversight, and administration to all divisions of Student Services. We oversee services contracts directly affecting the daily lives of our students, most notably residential and retail dining operations and the Bookstore. Additionally, we plan and manage capital renewal projects that enhance the student experience now and into the future.

We believe that the physical environment in which our students live and learn greatly impacts their experience at UNB and this keeps us focused on ensuring our facilities are in the best possible condition for our students and guests.

Health & wellness

In the health and wellness division, we understand that healthy bodies and minds are the foundation for student success at university. We also know that rapid access to services is essential for busy students trying to keep up with a demanding academic schedule.

We provide services to students for a wide range of physical and mental health issues. In addition we work to promote good physical and mental health across campus through outreach programming and consultation with groups of students, faculty, and staff.

Student life

The student life division works collaboratively to help students realize, develop, and fulfill their personal potential to enhance their university experience.

We contribute to a campus environment that supports student engagement and success in both academic pursuits and co-curricular life. The division of Student Life does this through individual support and programming efforts that promote a strong, diverse, inclusive, healthy, safe and sustainable campus community. We value the exchange of ideas, while encouraging self-discipline and personal responsibility.