Campus Ministry

As part of the holistic care offered by UNB Student Services, Campus Ministry is here to provide for your spiritual needs.

UNB Campus Ministry offers a listening, caring, non-judgmental ear when you need someone to talk to.  We also hope to be a meeting house where we can direct you to other groups and organizations on and off campus you might be interested in.

The UNB Campus Ministry office is located in Harrison House, room 124.

For more details, please call (506) 458-7009.

What We Do

Campus Ministry can help if you:

  • are looking for a community or place where you can be yourself and be accepted
  • want some spiritual support and guidance
  • want to find out about other faith groups and student activities on campus
  • are experiencing difficulties with studies, relationships, or work
  • are finding that your studies are raising important questions for your faith
  • are struggling with your sense of meaning, purpose, or direction in life
  • are concerned about social justice issues and the relation between faith and action
  • are depressed or feel like giving up
  • are questioning some of your values or those of your family or church
  • are worried about your use of alcohol or drugs
  • would like information about volunteer opportunities near or far
  • want to locate where your own faith community meets
  • want to explore a vocation or calling in ministry
  • need a sounding board to explore your thoughts and ideas about the questions and conundrums that life presents us with

The Chaplain also:

  • is involved in leading groups in discussion and prayer
  • facilitates interfaith and ecumenical dialogue on the campus
  • conducts memorial services
  • offers the prayers at convocations and other special events
  • participates in orientation and other events at the university

Who We Are

Chaplain - Rev. Brett Anningson

For just over 19 years Brett has worked as a minister within the United Church of Canada serving six Pastoral Charges in both the rural and urban setting within three provinces in Canada, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick. He is passionate about communication and finding ways to connect the faith to the modern world. The goal is to get “the message” out there in a way that is easier to understand and less threatening to a people who are no longer fundamentally aware of what Christianity is.

  • Masters of Divinity - United Theological College - 1994
  • Bachelor of Theology - McGill University - 1992
  • Bachelor of Arts - Mount Allison University - 1990
As always, if you have any questions about campus ministry, you can reach me, Chaplain Brett Anningson, via email, in person (Harrison House, room 124), or by phone (458-7009).