How to Get Medications

If the physician or nurse practitioner writes you a prescription for medication:

  • take the written prescription to a local pharmacy to be filled
  • use and search pharmacy to find a local pharmacy
  • the pharmacist will review the medication with you and answer any further questions
  • take your medical insurance or student identification card(s) with you to avoid having to pay up front for your prescription, some plans have a nominal fee
  • if you run out of medication before your next doctor's appointment, most pharmacies will provide a one month supply (except for narcotics) to carry you over to your next appointment


UNB has a privately owned & operated pharmacy on campus.  It is located inside the UNB Bookstore at 29 Dineen Dr.

pharmacy logo

Check for additional pharmacies in the surrounding area.

Questions on your Medical Plan coverage?

Your medical plan assists with full or partial coverage of medications, etc.  This is different from your Health Care coverage which covers the cost of visiting a physician.

  • UNB - undergraduate students contact your Student Union & graduate students contact the Graduate Student Association
  • STU - call 1-800-667-4511 (Blue Cross)

Your Student Health Insurance Cards:

  • UNB undergraduate students use your student ID
  • UNB graduate students pick up your card from the Graduate Student Association
  • UNB international students will receive a letter from Financial Services to pick up your card when it arrives
  • STU students pick up your card from the Registrar's Office