Helpful Apps

Mindshift An app created by AnxietyBC to help you build understanding, coping tools, as well as concrete and specific strategies for handling your anxiety.
See Betty A cognitive behavioural therapy thought record app that provides a framework for you to work through identifying, exploring, and challenging negative thoughts.
Headspace An easy, friendly introduction to mindfulness and meditation.   Learn how to live more mindfully, and how to incorporate meditation into your busy life 10 minutes at a time.  Free 10 session introduction with many further modules for purchase. 
Calm In The Storm Learn how to manage stress more effectively with visual, audio, and video meditation guides.  You can customize your profile and track your progress over time.  It also includes a safety planning section that is useful when you feel like your distress is getting overwhelming.
Stop, Breathe, and Think Teaches basic mindfulness and meditation skills.  There’s a good selection of free content (learn to meditate, audio guided meditations, meditation timer), plus the option to pay to unlock even more.
Habitica  Uses a simple adventure game format to help you modify your behaviour – create quests to change a behaviour.  You earn experience points and rewards for engaging in your chosen positive habits, and lose health points when you engage in a negative behaviour.  Includes access to online forum, and the ability to share with friends.   Free to play, with pay upgrade options.
Superbetter A game built around implementing real-world resilience-building activities.  Customizable goals specific to your needs in areas of physical, social and mental/emotional wellbeing.  From the FAQ: “Superbetter is a tool created by game designers and backed by science.  Playing Superbetter helps build personal resilience: the ability to stay strong, motivated, and optimistic even in the face of difficult challenges.”

Online Resources

Therapist Assisted Online

Psycho-education and self-help for depression, anxiety, interpersonal communication, substance misuse, and introductions to therapeutic approaches like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


Psycho-education and self-help resources for mental health challenges, mood tracking, calming and relaxation exercises.

Open access for students - Visit site and enter Access Code UNB.  Watch for an email from to confirm your account.  You are now logged in and ready to begin.  Companion App MoodCheck is available once you register.

Centre for Clinical Interventions Extensive library of free self-help resources for various mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, disordered eating, self-esteem, body image, and assertiveness Library of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy-based self-help resources – worksheets, MP3; information on various mental health challenges; healthy coping strategies and tools Youth-driven non-profit organization dedicated to challenging stigma and raising awareness about mental health Collection of education and self-help articles addressing social anxiety and social skill development
Mindfulness Muse Website of a private therapist (not affiliated with UNB) with numerous articles on integrating principles of Mindfulness, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy into everyday life
Transsexual & Transgender Road Map Privately run archive of information on various aspects of transitioning.  The author/curator is an American transgender woman – some information may be specific to the USA, but the site still contains a wealth of useful information.
Partners for Mental Health
National Eating Disorder Information Centre
Kids Help Phone
Sex & U
It's a Juggle
Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
National Institute of Mental Health
National Eating Disorder Association