Canadian government student loans

The government of Canada provides access student loans to support your learning pursuits. Students please link to the web site that best meets your residency. Residency is defined as the last place you have lived for 12 consecutive months prior to full-time post-secondary studies.


  • Canada student loans - a program run by the federal government.
  • Provincial student loans - each province or territory has its own student loans program.

Application is made to your province in which you are considered a resident and will be assessed for both federal and provincial of government student loans.

For information on eligibility and how to apply, visit CanLearn. In order to qualify for a provincial student loan, you must be a full-time student registered in 9 credit hours each term (12 credit hours for Newfoundland loans). This is equivalent to three classes (each at 3 credit hours).

Provincial student loan information:

Important note:

Dropping classes through the academic year may affect your student loan. Students contemplating a change should consider the financial implications as well as the academic. Refer to the UNB’s refund policy for details and ask the Financial Aid Office for advice before you drop a class.