The centre offers workshops throughout the academic year, in addition to advising students one-on-one.

If you are interested in attending our workshops, refer to our event calendar and follow the instructions to register for your spot. 

Job search strategies

Where are the jobs and how do you find them?  Sometimes opportunities can feel hidden.  And it's true, 80% of jobs are not advertised. In this workshop, you will be equipped with strategies for uncovering these hidden job possibilities and receive employment industry tips of the trade, often known only to professionals.

Resumé and cover letter

How do you look on paper? Learn about different resume and cover letter styles and identify what is best for you and your situation. You need to feel good about what you're putting out there; we give you what's necessary to do just that.

Ace the interview

>What is your greatest weakness? Do you have an example of how you have handled conflict on the job?  Not sure how to answer? That's ok, interviews can be scary, and we're here to help. This workshop gives you practical interview skills and helps you prepare for those tricky-feeling questions.

How to effectively leverage social media in your job search

In this digital age, how you manage your online presence can influence your life opportunities just as much as how you conduct yourself in the real world. Learn how to proactively manage your social media presence and get it working for you in your job search. This workshop will also equip you with professional online presence best practices, helping you avoid common social media faux pas.

Networking workshop

Know you need to network but not sure exactly how? We've got you covered. Come share your experiences, practice your elevator “pitch,” and learn about the importance of informational interviews. Let us help you to overcome challenges and discover how practicing specific networking techniques will open the doors to your next opportunity.  

Occupational wellness

The way we feel about our work contributes to our overall well-being, and what we do for a living encompasses much of our time. Choosing a career is an important task. Let’s talk about the ways you can use self-reflection (your values and what matters to you), goal-setting, and career exploration to learn more about how your attitude toward work has an impact on your satisfaction at work!

Career planning – taking charge of your career development

Career planning is an ongoing process that involves self-assessment, reflection, exploration, research, and development. In this 50-minute session, we will discuss the steps in the career planning process, share tips on career readiness activities in which you can participate during your time at university, and how the Career Development and Employment Centre can help you explore and navigate your career journey.