Career Development Certificate

The UNB Career Development and Employment Centre proudly presents a cumulative certificate for your portfolio of accomplishments, or to add to your résumé. In the process you gain knowledge about career options, information and you get your job search tools up-to-date and ready to go! You will gain the skills needed to complete your career and employment plan.

Complete the workshops outlined below to get your CERTIFICATE. The workshops are offered at various times throughout the academic year.  They run for approximately one hour and most of all, they are FUN!  The workshop order and timeline is totally flexible according to your schedule. 

Call our office at 453-4620 or visit our website at // to register.

Complete these 6 Workshops Offered through UNB Career Development and Employment Centre:

  • Job Search Strategies: 80% of jobs are not advertised. So, building some strategies for finding employment in this situation requires building knowledge and skills in finding opportunities. In this workshop you will explore how to do this, answer some of your concerns, and gain valuable tools to help you in the process.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Workshop: Learn about resume styles and what is best for your situation. Use the right kind of headers and action words to make your resume the best representation of you. You need to feel good about what you put out to the job market.  A cover letter compliments your resume and requires use of concise, effective wording, as well as proper formatting to get an employer interested in reading your resume. We help you effectively present yourself on paper.
  • Interviewing Skills and Answering Difficult Questions: Preparing ahead for the interview is a good way to make sure you do well. Practice helps! In this workshop you will learn how to approach the interview questions through discussion and example practice. Question types that will be reviewed are traditional, situational or behavioral. You will learn how to manage difficult interview questions as well.
  • Social Media:  More than ever social media has become an important means of networking and job seeking.  Learn how utilizing social media can complement traditional networking and job seeking efforts, and how you can establish professional connections while uncovering the hidden job market.   While social media can be a productive tool in job seeking and career development it is also one that must be used carefully by both job seekers and employers.  We discuss ways you can avoid common "faux pas" and maintain a professional and successful online presence.

Career Exploration, Designing your career path - Do you need help discovering what career path is ideal for your unique  set of interests, skills, strengths, values, and personality? This two part workshop will provide  you with the resources necessary to successfully design your career path.

  • Part 1 - Career Exploration - Self-Identification - Know Yourself - What are your strengths, values, interests, traits, and vision for the future? Understanding these things is the first step in planning your career. During this workshop you will complete assessments and activities to help you discover who you are and some possible careers that fit for you.
  • Part 2 - Career Exploration - Exploring Options - Now that you have discovered possible career options, how do you get these? In this workshop you will be provided with websites and resources to help you research occupations and training paths. You will leave this workshop with the tools needed to make informed career decisions. (Part 1 is a pre-requisite).

Sound interesting?

  1. Contact UNB Career Development and Employment Centre at 453-4620.
  2. To see a detailed schedule of the workshops offered by Career Development and Employment Centre, visit our Calendar of Events.