Meet our team

M.Ed., CCC, Director

April Kennedy

I joined the UNB Counselling Team in 2008 and while some aspects of mental health services have changed and evolved since that time, the passion I have for this work and my commitment to helping students has remained solid.

Witnessing the strength, growth and resilience of students is an honour and I hold a deep sense of gratitude for being able to do something I truly enjoy. When I’m not in the office, I can be found combing the beach for seaglass, watching the birds or enjoying a good cup of coffee.

M.Ed., CCC, Counsellor

Erin Crossland

I have had the privilege of counselling UNB & STU students at UNB Counselling Services since 2009. I love working in a campus community and the diversity of individuals within it. University fosters a great deal of growth, resilience and change and I am grateful to help guide, support and validate students along their university journey. In sessions I aim to provide a safe, empathic and comfortable environment for students. I bring kindness, sincerity, humor, connection, mindfulness, curiosity, goofy analogies, and my background in team environments & athletics to support students and challenge them to build upon their skills and strengths.

When I am not working with students in my comfy purple office chairs, I can be found around campus promoting the UNB Campus Wellness activities & initiatives. In my free time, I can be found cheering from the sidelines at many of the Reds games, travelling, or at a park, hiking trail or waterfall with my family! I also won’t ever be too far from a good cup of tea, plate of nachos or anything dill pickle flavored!

M.SW, RSW, Counsellor

Susan Lee

I am from Saint John, N.B. and am happy to join the UNB Counselling team after working and studying in post-secondary support in Ottawa and overseas. I like to bring warmth, curiosity, humour and creative energy to my engagement with students. I believe students have deep resources of inner wisdom and strength that when drawn upon and cultivated can lead to a healthier, more meaningful and satisfying life.

Helping make the university a welcoming place for First Nations students, first-generation students and international students is something I value. I am LGBTQ+ positive and open to ways of being which may be different from mainstream societal expectations. When I’m not at UNB, I enjoy going out to see live music, walking in nature, connecting with family and friends, and crafting.

M.Ed., CCC, Counsellor

Kate Gates

I have worked in post-secondary institutions for over 20 years and have always believed that the learning which takes place outside the classroom is an important part of the experience.   So much life change and personal growth can occur during the span of a degree program, and it is a privilege to have the opportunity to work with students at all stages of this experience.  My counselling approach is client-centered and eclectic, as I draw on multiple theoretical orientations and techniques.  My hope is that when a student walks into my office they will experience a safe space where they can explore any aspect of their emotional well-being.

M.Ed., Counsellor

Jen Nickerson

I am excited to be in a counselling role with such a caring campus community. I consider myself to be a mindful counsellor and I approach therapy from a client-centered, compassionate lens while using a variety of mindfulness based practices.

I am passionate about helping others access their inner resources and strengthen their resilience. When I’m not in the office, I enjoy hot yoga and recharging in nature by taking trips to the ocean, hiking, and camping.

M.Ed., CCC, Counsellor

Sarah Johnson

I am originally from the West Coast, but have called UNB “home” since 2015, and joined the Counselling Services team in 2018. I love our campus community, and find working with university students to be both rewarding and inspiring! It is an honour to witness people harnessing their inner strength and resilience in the process of personal growth, and making progress toward their goals.

In addition to individual counselling, I enjoy facilitating therapeutic groups, and believe strongly in the power of human connection as an agent of change. In my free time, I am an enthusiastic dog and cat mom, plant collector, traveler and foodie. I practice hot yoga daily, and will sing its praises to anyone who’ll listen!

M.Ed., CCC, Counsellor

Mathieu Cormier

I am originally from the ever-so-distant shores of Moncton, New Brunswick, though I have called the capital region my home now for over a decade. In counselling, I tend to vary my approach between cognitive-behavioural and interpersonal techniques based on need.

I also have a very strong penchant for tenets of positive psychology and will often work to focus sessions on things like creativity, personal growth, and prosocial behaviour. I am fluently bilingual and can offer counselling in both French and English on request.

M.Ed., LCT, Mental Health Strategist

Matthew MacLean

As the Mental Health Strategist, I am responsible for helping UNB craft a comprehensive, multi-component and targeted plan to support student well-being and mental health across campus. I've previously worked at UNB in the Student Accessibility Centre and spent several years at NBCC before returning to UNB for my current role. When not at work, I enjoy making experimental soups, playing complicated board and card games and practicing yoga.

Diversity Wellness Coordinator

Marcus Lees

I joined the UNB counselling Team in 2022 to work closely with equity deserving student groups Specifically, elevating Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (QTBIPOC) students where appropriate, especially for those with one or more disabilities. It is important to recognize the varying intersectionalities within QTBIPOC as some may identify with one or more of these identities as well; although this may further the complexity of their student experience we aim to embrace and welcome intersectionalities as allies. My work largely revolves around three objectives, 1) helping students navigate UNB as a system and campus, 2) bringing together a “brave space”, and 3) enhance the sense of belonging at UNB Fredericton and Saint John.

Creating positive mental health and wellness events to enhance the student experience is another hat I wear; I try to make these events fun and/or informative. Honestly, working in EDI is great, I take it as a huge honor, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.

When I am out of the office you may either catch me biking, practicing calisthenics, or running. Clearly, I like to move, however, the key to my heart is through cooking and baking. Some of my favorite homemade items are bread, roti, stew/curry, soup, pasta, and pizza. Lastly, my favorite movie is the Matrix, I’m always interested in chatting about fan-theories, the costume design, and the cinematography (which was out of this world).

Counselling Intern

Elis Mayara Nobre Moreira

I am a Brazilian student and I feel honored to be part of the UNB Counselling Services team as an intern. 

It is a privilege for me to be able to listen to different stories, help people pursue their goals and work to be the best version of themselves. I hope to build good therapeutic alliances in a warm and safe environment. I am able to provide counselling in either English or Portuguese!  

In my spare time I enjoy watching TV series and spending time with friends

Counselling Intern

Andrea Moores

I am happy to be joining the UNB Counselling Services team as an intern. Originally from Newfoundland, I have experience working in acute psychiatric care and addiction recovery settings. When working with students, it is my hope to create a warm and empathetic space where a collaborative therapeutic relationship can grow. I view it as an honour to walk alongside students on their journey. In my spare time, you'll most likely find me outside. Hiking and biking in the warmer months, and skiing or snowshoeing once the snow arrives.

Counselling Intern

Marc Nadeau

I am super excited and grateful to be doing my counselling internship at UNB Counselling Services. Being a current graduate student myself, I love working with the student population and feel like I can relate to some of the challenges they are facing. Although my approach is mainly client-centered and cognitive-behavioural, my long-term therapeutic growth is aimed toward being more eclectic, as I see value in many different approaches and continuously add additional tools in my toolbox. I am also fluently bilingual, so it is my pleasure to offer services in French if that’s what is preferred.

Because I believe the human body is designed for movement, I enjoy being physically active and my main hobbies include martial arts, weight lifting, running, hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and snowboarding. I also think that nature provides us with an immense therapeutic effect, so sometimes a slow-paced, relaxing walk in the forest or at the beach is all I’m looking for.

Counselling Intern

Rebecca Pearson

I am so excited to join the UNB Counselling team for my internship. I hope to create a safe, warm, and non-judgmental space to support students on their journey of personal growth. 

I believe in continually fostering autonomy, self-esteem, and self-compassion, as everyone deserves to feel connected to themselves and others and empowered in life. I also strongly believe in the mind-body connection and in the healing that can come from increased awareness and regulation of one’s body. 

In my spare time I love reading, travelling Atlantic Canada, and spending time with my pets - you'll probably hear about them at some point! 

Administrative Assistant

Tanya Jones

I have been with Counselling Services since 2004 and love helping students! I also love working with our team to provide the best service to students possible. In addition to helping students, I am the plant caretaker at Counselling and routinely send students home with a little baby plant of their very own.

When I’m not on the 2nd Floor of the CC Jones Student Services Centre, I can most likely be found at the local hockey arena or cuddling with my rescue Beagle - Beau.