Required Documentation

A student is required to provide one of the following documents in order to register at the Centre. Please contact the Centre to discuss with an advisor the documentation that is required in order for you to register. The appropriate form will be provided to you once you have spoken with an advisor.

1. Medical/Health Documentation Form --for students with medical, chronic health, physical or sensory (vision or hearing) disabilities

2. ADHD and/or MENTAL HEALTH Disability/Condition Documentation Form--for students with ADHD and/or a Mental Health Condition

3.  Letter on professional letterhead or a professional report signed by a licensed medical or health professional.  The letter is to include a diagnosis or name of the condition, description of the impact or functional limitations of the disability/condition on the individual, and recommended academic accommodations and/or supports.

4.  A psycho-educational assessment report is required for students with specific learning disabilities. The assessment must be completed within the last 5 years by a licensed psychologist.