Hung Nguyen 




  • CS 1003, 1073, 1083, 1103, 1303, 2333, 2383


  • Undergraduate Student
  • I would love to bring real value to the society in general or UNB specifically. I also struggled with my first-year courses when everything was new to me and I had to deal with them all. That is why I want to help those students who are having the same problems as me.


  • Monday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Tuesday:  Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Wednesday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Thursday:  Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Friday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Saturday:  Morning, Afternoon, Evening 
  • Sunday:  Monring, Afternoon, Evening 

Please email Hung Nguyen to arrange an appointment.

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