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Connor O'Brien




  • CHEM 1001
  • CHEM 1005
  • CHEM 1006
  • CHEM 1012
  • CHEM 1017
  • CEHM 2201
  • CHEM 2321
  • CHEM 2416
  • CHEM 2002
  • CHEM 2222
  • CHEM 2237
  • CHEM 2422
  • CHEM 2121
  • CHEM 2601
  • CHEM 3122


  • Graduate Student
  • I have had over three years of university level individual and group tutoring experience where I have discussed problem solving, the development of studying habits, and test preparation. On a larger scale, I have set up a multi-departmental peer tutoring service within the faculty of sciences and have run a vast and diverse team of tutors. Outside of tutoring, I have experience in coaching within sports, running teams, and furthermore a campus society.
  • I have a great passion for helping others overcome obstacles and in helping to build a well-rounded toolbox for academic problem solving. I am endlessly curious about people's goals and how each individual can strive to achieve them. Within the department of chemistry I have served as the Events Coordinator and President of the UNB Undergraduate Chemistry Society, and have since moved on to pursue a Master's degree in chemistry. In my Master's, I am developing an organic supercapacitor and designing a new project on the electrochemical treatment and detection of cancers. I look forward to working with you all to achieve your academic goals!


  • Sunday: Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Monday: Afternoon, Evening
  • Tuesday: Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Wednesday: Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Thursday: Evening
  • Friday: Afternoon, Evening
  • Saturday: Morning, Afternoon, Evening

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