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Bhaanvi Rai




  • ADM 1165, 1213, 1513, 2315, 2815, 3155


  • Undergraduate Student
  • I'm a Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Management (Marketing Management and Principles of Management)
  • I am in my 3rd year of BBA 
  • I am pursuing honors in Accounting and Human Resources with a minor in Law in Society
  • I plan to go to law school someday or pursue a BEd
  • I understand that a lot of us get lost in class, and may need extra help.  University can be hard. I would love to help you make your transition easier
  • I have secured a 4.0 GPA throughout my BBA degree


  • Monday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Tuesday:  Evening
  • Wednesday:  Evening
  • Thursday:  Evening
  • Friday:  Evening
  • Saturday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Sunday:  Afternoon, Evening

Please email Bhaanvi Rai to arrange an appointment.

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