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Anmol Sharma




  • BIOL 1001, 1711


  • Undergraduate Student
  • My name is Anmol Sharma and I am from India.
  • I am pursuing BSc in Kinesiology at UNB and I am in my first year (second semester).
  • I love to play outdoor games like football, cricket, badminton and many more. I also like to read books related to espionage and spirituality. The latest book which I have read is ' The Spy and the Traitor' by Ben Macintyre. This book is about the double agent Oleg Gordievsky. Some of my new interests are solving 3x3 rubics cube, palmistry and numerology. I have learnt to solve the rubics cube and I am on the way in learning basics of palmistry.
  • I want to provide tutoring services because I wish to help my peers in the topics which they are not able to understand but I am. I think that this helps me because teaching topics will help them as well as myself because my foundation will become much stronger.


  • Monday:  Evening
  • Tuesday:  Evening
  • Wednesday:  Evening
  • Thursday:  Evening
  • Friday:  Evening
  • Saturday:  Evening
  • Sunday:  Evening

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