Muhammad Jahanzaib




  • ADM 1213, 2223, 2413, 2623, 2713


  • Undergraduate Student
  • I am a motivated and enthusiastic student with a history of tutoring others in multiple areas. Comfortable in personal and online settings. Detail-oriented, methodical, and diligent.
  • Most importantly, I have professionally taught as an Associate Teacher in A-level Cambridge Colleges (CREDO-LEVEL COLLEGE/ HIGHBROW A-LEVEL COLLEGE) and as an Online/Personal Tutor in various countries.
  • Scored 4A* in A levels Cambridge Accounting, Business, Mathematics, and Economics.
  • Winner of Cordoba Accounting Contest 2.0. ( Regional Accounting Contest).
  • I love sharing my knowledge with others and watching them grow. I've always wanted to be a teacher, and I think tutoring is a great way to get started. I have
    •  Passion for helping students learn
    •  Desire to help others
    •  Desire to share knowledge


  • Monday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Tuesday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Wednesday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Thursday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Friday:  Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Saturday:  Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Sunday:  Morning, Afternoon, Evening

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