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Kazi Rubayat Raiyan




  • ENGL 1103


  • Undergraduate Student
  • I have completed the course I am offering to tutor, achieving an A+ in each. I am familiar with the content of the courses and thus, I am comfortable with my ability to provide help to students who seek it.
  • I am a second year student at UNB working towards a degree in Biology. I know what it is like to struggle with your studies and not be able to seek help from someone who cares. Sometimes, a little push may be just what the student needs in order to meet their desired academic goals. I am confident about the course I am offering to tutor and I am willing to share the habits and techniques that helped me succeed.


  • Monday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Tuesday:  Evening
  • Wednesday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Thursday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Friday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Saturday:  Afternoon, Evening
  • Sunday:  Afternoon, Evening

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