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Abby Kierstead




  • MATH 1003, STAT 2263


  • Undergraduate Student
  • I am involved in both coaching and tutoring and I absolutely love doing it!  I have always enjoyed learning, which I try to convey with everything I do, in hopes that you will possibly feel the same way or at the very least, not dread having to meet with me. The ah-ha moment is a feel-good moment and I want to help you experience it.Similarily, tutoring is another kind of problem solving that I find interesting. 
  • Fortunately, I am a quick learner and am able to understand many concepts with ease; however, I know this is not the case for everyone and I want to help. I love connecting with people and figuring out what works best for you, making explanations much more beneficial for both of us. There are so many different approaches to learning, so if one is not working, we will keep trying angles until one does work.


  • Monday:  Morning, Evening
  • Wednesday:  Afternoon
  • Thursday:  Evening
  • Friday:  Afternoon 
  • Saturday:  Afternoon, Evening

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