The Journal of Conflict Studies

The Journal of Conflict StudiesThe Journal of Conflict Studies, initially named Conflict Quarterly, was conceived of in 1980 to fulfill the need of providing cutting edge research and analysis of current international affairs. In 1995, in conjunction with a move from a quarterly publication to one published annually, the name of the journal was changed to The Journal of Conflict Studies.

The Journal of Conflict Studies is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary, and inter-disciplinary journal that accepts submissions from a multitude of academic backgrounds as well as area specialists, members of the military and journalists. The content of the journal focuses broadly on low-intensity conflict including:

  • revolutionary or civil war
  • guerrilla warfare
  • terrorism
  • counter-insurgency and counter-terror operations
  • propaganda and psychological warfare
  • intelligence activities
  • media coverage of such conflict
  • peacekeeping
  • foreign/military policy
  • strategic studies as they relate to the field

Submissions are accepted from all over the world and the journal is now available electronically, accessible from around the world.

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