Scholarship & Research

The Gregg Centre possesses significant expertise in a number of areas of research and scholarship. 

Our current research effort is focused on aspects of modern military and naval history, terrorism and low intensity conflict, peacekeeping, the current war on global terrorism, as well as the history and modern development of the Canadian Armed Forces.  In particular, the Centre houses internationally recognized specialists in terrorism, naval history in the Great Age of Sail and the 20th century, and the Mediterranean and European campaigns of the Second World War.  Research is also underway in other areas, most notably on the modern Canadian army and on the UN mission in Afghanistan.  We are currently expanding this approach in methodology through the incorporation of more social science experts, in time through the expansion of our temporal limits and in scope through looking more deeply at the impact of war on society.  Our scholarship reflects our research strengths. 

The Gregg Centre is active in the dissemination of its research findings.  In addition to the many publications of our individual faculty and students, we publish a scholarly periodical, The Journal of Conflict Studies, which has a global distribution, a series of small books focusing on the impact of war on the local community through our New Brunswick Military Heritage Project and occasional monographs - such as our major book, Kandahar Tour, on the deployment of 2 RCR to Afghanistan in 2007.