Graduate Research Project List

Current Students

  • Maryanne Lewell, PhD, TBA
  • Douglas Mastriano, PhD, TBA
  • Scott Matheson, PhD, TBA
  • Eric Greisinger, PhD, TBA
  • Joseph Zeller, PhD, TBA
  • David Borys, PhD, "Reducing Collateral Damage: Civil Affairs and the 2nd Canadian Corps in North-West Europe"
  • Kelly Chaves, PhD, "Savagery and the Sea: Indigenous People in the Royal Navy and the British Merchant Service, 1770-1776 "
  • Michael Bredin, MA, TBA
  • Matthew Douglas, MA, "The New Brunswick Rangers and the Second World War"
  • Gary Forward, MA, TBA
  • Curtis Mainville, MA, TBA
  • Sasha Paul, MA, TBA
  • Roderick Ramsden, MA, TBA
  • Adam Taggart, MA, TBA
  • Saifuz Zaman, MA, TBA
  • Melissa Kolody, MA, TBA
  • Chris Kretzschmar, MA, TBA
  • Thomas Sutton, MA, TBA
  • David Grebstad, MA, TBA

UNB Gregg Centre MA/PhD Graduates


  • Glenn Leonard, PhD, "No Lessons Required: The Balkan Wars and the Organizational Learning in the British Army before the First World War"
  • Chris Heenan, MA, "Triumph, Frustration, and the Question of Structure Warfare
  • Jamie Horncastle, MA, "Dragon's Teeth: The Role of Yugoslavia's Defence Policy in the Collapse of the State"
  • John Keess, MA, "Defence, Diplomacy and Discord: The Impact of the Great War and its Impact on Canadian Strategy, 1920-1928"
  • Peter Nimigon
  • Loren Becker, MA - "The Creation of the Safe Area of Srebrenica and the Failure of the Vance-Owen Peace Plan"


  • William Gary Campbell, PhD, "Forts, Writs and Logs: A Reassessment of the Military, Political, and Economic Dimensions of the Maine/New Brunswick Border Dispute, 1783-1843"
  • Jeff Mott, MA, "The Road to Algiers: The Front de Liberation Nationale's Challenge and the French Response, 1954-1957"
  • Iain O'Shea, MA  - "Selling 'The Scheme': The British Periodical Press and the Discourse on Naval Reform, 1900-1910"
  • William Pratt, MA - "Outside the Narrative: The Operations of 1 Canadian Armoured Brigade in the Italian Campaign"


  • Charles Eddy, MA, "Before they were the D-Day Dodgers: 1st Canadian Infantry Division and Operation CHESTERFIELD"
  • Hannah Fransen, MA - "Israeli Military Operations During the Cold War"
  • Scott Leslie, MA - "First in Last out: The Operations of Anglo Canadian Engineers on Juno Beach"
  • Grant Barry, MA "1st Canadian Infantry Division and the Battle for Agira: A Reconsideration of An Incomplete Historical Consensus"
  • Ian Haight, MA - "Canadian's Overseas: The Organization, Administration, and Logistics of Canadian Troop Convoys During the Second World War"
  • Chris Hyland, MA - "Merciless Marches and Martial Law: Canada's Commitment to the Occupation of the Rhineland"
  • Alexandra Rogers, MA -  "Noble-Hearted Ladies: Women's Responses to the Spanish-American and Philippine-American Wars, 1898-1905"
  • Deborah Bulmer, MA - "Lt. J. Chester MacRae, MC - The Civic Ethos of a Canadian Infantry Platoon Commander"


  • Tony Kennedy, MA - "Warfare Along the Disputed Acadian/Waponahkik Frontier: A Historical Analysis of Maliseet Warfare and Diplomacy, 1600-1842"
  • Bjorn Lagerlof, MA- "Dief the Consistent Chief: Diefenbaker's United Nations Policy Between 1957 and 1960"
  • Josh Peters, MA - "The Origins and Development of the NAHAL Brigade in the Israeli Defence Forces, 1949-1999"


  • Kevin Norris, MA - "A Serious Query: Operation Thunderclap and the Allied Bombing of Eastern German Cities During the Winter of 1944-45"
  • Steve Grainger, MA - "The Triumph of Style Over Substance: Kennedy's Inner-Circle and Vietnam Decision-Making, 1963"
  • Nathan Hoyt, MA - "Faith Tied by Fire: Laurence Wilmot's Experience at War (1943-1945) and its Effect on his Faith"
  • Gavin King, MA - "Strategy for Terror: An Analysis of the Progress in Allied Responses to the Emergence of the Ballistic Missile Threat"


  • John Nelson Rickard, PhD - "British-American Relations and Their Effect on Battlefield Operations in Northwest  Europe, 1944-45"
  • Lee Windsor, PhD - "Anatomy of Victory: 1st Canadian Corp, Allied Containment Operations and the Battle for the Gothic Line"


  • Stephen Bagnell, MA- "‘Godspeed Little Canada' An Operational History of the 29th and 65th Royal Canadian Motor Torpedo and Gun Boat Flotillas, 1944-1945"
  • Colette Caines, MA - "John Diefenbaker, The Cuban Missile Crisis and the Canadian Press"
  • Daniel F. Cuthbertson, MA - "The US Role in the Soviet-Afghan War and the Rise of Militant Islamism"
  • Daniel P. Malone, MA - "Breaking Down the Wall: Bombarding FORCE E and Naval Fire Support on JUNO BEACH"
  • Perry Pryor,  MA - "The Economic and Social Impact of a British Imperial Garrison on the City of Fredericton, New Brunswick During the 19th Century"
  • Julie Root, MA - "Canadian-American Relations and the United Nations Temporary Commission on Korea, 1947 to 1948"


  • Bradley Bamford, MA - "Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism: The British Experience"
  • David Leask, MA - "Medical Arrangements for the Canadian Army: 1899-1914"
  • Cynthia Brown, MA - "American Catholic Activism and its Impact on the Vietnam War, 1950-1963"
  • Trudi Stafford, MA - "The Collapse of the Royal Irish Constabulary: Policing Insurgency in Ireland, 1914-1921"
  • Amy Wheaton, MA - "Canadian-Irish Relations During the Second World War: The Ascension of Canadian Middle Power Diplomacy"


  • Vincenzo Field, MA - "Explaining Armageddon: Popular Perceptions of Air Power in Canada and Britain and the Destruction of Germany, 1939-45"
  • Michael Holden, MA - "Constantly Shifting and Constantly Adapting: The Tactical Exploits of the Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigades, 1914-1918"
  • Thomas Alex Muir, MA - "Britain's Official Mind: Foreign Policy Decision-Making Under the Lloyd George Coalition, 1918-1922"
  • Michael D. Pitblado, MA- "The Most Unpleasant Battle" 2nd Canadian Corps and Operation Blockbuster, February-March, 1945"
  • Jonathan Pope, MA - "Law, Tradition, and Treason: Captured Americans During the American Revolution, 1775-1783"
  • Christopher Sheehy, MA - "HMS Victorious - USS Robin: HMS Victorious' first mission to the Pacific 1943"
  • James Wood, MA - "The Canadian Army and the First Special Service Forces, 1942-1944"


  • Stephanie Cousineau, MA - "Preparedness for What?: Woodrow Wilson and the Naval Appropriations Act of 1916"
  • Norman Dods, MA - "Dispelling a Myth: The Politics of The British Press in World War I"


  • Brian Clancy, MA - "Turning Necessity Into a Virtue: Lyndon Johnson and the Deescalation of the Vietnam War, November 1967-March 1968"
  • Nathan Laird, MA - "We Only Want Volunteers An Examination of the Doolittle Raid, April 18, 1942"
  • Lawrence Zaporzan, MA - "A Biographical Study of Sydney Valpy Radley-Walters From Mobilization to the End of the Normandy Campaign 1944"


  • Sarah Jane Corke, PhD - "‘The War of the Potomac' Covert Operations, Eastern Europe and the Policy Process Dilemma, 1945-1953"
  • Brian Jevons, PhD - "La Politique de la Guerre: French Civil-Military Relations, 4 August 1914 - 12 January 1915"


  • Glen Harper, MA - "Defining Canadian Military History: The Work of Charles Perry Stacey, 1931-1982"
  • Heather J. Hawley, MA - "John D. Kearney and Irish-Canadian Relations during World War II"
  • Sheila London, MA - "The Bombing of Chambery, France May 26th, 1944"
  • Craig Maskill, MA - "Where One Scot Comes, Others Soon Follow": The 42nd Royal Highland Regiment (Black Watch) and The Settlement Of The Nashwaak River Valley, 1783-1823"
  • Ian Parenteau, MA - "The Anti-Fascism of the Canadian Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939"
  • Jeffrey Rivard, MA - "Bringing the Boys Home: A Study of the Canadian De-Mobilization Policy after the First & Second World Wars"
  • Michael Sullivan, MA - "Adolf Hitler's Teenaged Zealots: Fanatics, Combat Motivation, and the 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend"


  • Scott Derrah, MA - "Father or Midwife? Lester B. Pearson and the Origins of United Nations Peacekeeping"
  • Christian MacDonald, MA - "Picking Up The Pieces: The Johnson Administration and the Changing Orientation of NATO 1963-1968"
  • Gregory D. Page, MA - "Ideology and the Canadians in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-9"
  • Derek Petz, MA - "Past Perspectives: Posters, Modernism and Popular Culture in England and Canada During the Great War"


  • Jeffrey David Noakes, MA - "Proud to Serve: An Operational History of Number 162 (Bomber Reconnaissance) Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force, 1942-1945"
  • Tamara Sherwin, MA - "From Total War to Total Force: Civil-Military Relations and The Canadian Army Reserve (Militia), 1945-1995"


  • Pascal Barras, MA - "The Introduction of Railways to British Home Defence Planning, 1844-1865"
  • Robert Dienesch, MA - "Submarine Against the Rising Sun: The Impact of Radar on the American Submarine War in 1943 The Year of Change"


  • James F. Camsell, MA - "From Normandy to the Scheldt: Logistics and the First Canadian Army (June-September 1944)"
  • Michale A. Hennessy, PhD - "The Rise and Fall of a Canadian Maritime Policy, 1939-1965: A Study of Industry, Navalism and the State"
  • Melynda Jarratt, MA - "The War Brides of New Brunswick"
  • Glenn John Keough, MA - "Economic Factors and Privateering at Newfoundland During the War of 1812"
  • John Rickard, MA - "Patton and Static Warfare in the Lorraine Campaign
    September to December, 1944"


  • Bradley Tolppanen, MA - "Getting the Airforce on Side: The Development of Tactical Air Support Doctrine by the Royal Airforce in the Western Desert, 1941-1943"


  • Gary Stuart Bruce, MA - "The United States and German Rearmament 1947-1952"
  • Alexander Wilson, MA - "The Railway War: A Study and Assessment of the British Defeat of the Boer Guerillas, South Africa 1899-1902"
  • Xinhua Ma, MA - "Sino-American Rapprochement and its Implications in the Vietnam War 1969-1972"


  • Brian G. Aldridge, MA - "'Drive them until they drop and then civilize them.' The United States Army and Indigenous Populations, 1866-1902"
  • Peter Archambault, MA - "Mutiny and the Imperial Tradition: the Canadian Naval Mutinies of 1949 and the Experience of Mutiny in the Royal Navy"
  • Dean A. Chappelle, MA - "The Most Brilliant of Success: The Planning and Implementation of the Battle of Amiens, 8-11 August 1918"
  • Hilary C. Earl, MA - "Eyewitness to Genocide: Henry Morgenthau and the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey, 1915"
  • Martin Lobigs, MA - "Canadian Responses to the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion, 1936 to 1939"
  • Sean M. Maloney, MA - "‘To Secure Command of the Sea': NATO Command Organization and Naval Planning for the Cold War, 1945-1954"
  • David Wilson, MA - "The Development of Tank-Infantry Cooperation Doctrine in the Canadian Army for the Normandy Campaign of 1944"


  • Peter Michael Archambault - "Mutiny and the Imperial Tradition: The Canadian Naval Mutinies of 1949 and the Experience of Mutiny in the Royal Navy"


  • Cheryl A. Fury - "Hells Afloat: THe LIfe of Common Elizabethan Sailors during the Anglo-Spanish War, 1585-1603"
  • Murray John Cardwell - "The British Expedition Against Fort Ticonderoga in 1758 (Report)"


  • Robert Tooley - "Invicta: The Carleton and York Regiment in the Second World War"
  • Neil Kennion Adams - "The Influence of Technology on the Caus and Conduct of the Ashanti War"
  • Jeffery R. Carleton - "The Eisenhower Administration, the European Defence Community and German Rearmament, 1952-1955"
  • Michael Cessford - "Warriors of the Working-Day: The 5th Canadian Armoured Division in Italy, 1943-1945"


  • Frank Christopher Hayes Jost - "Ultra and the Italian Campaign 1943-1945"


  • Michael Alphonsus Hennessy - "Divided They Fell: America's Response to Revolutionary War in I Corps, Republic of Vietnam, 1965-1971"
  • Adam Norman Lynde - "‘Shoemakers, Tailors, Sowpeople': British Regular Officers and the American Provincial Corps, 1775-1783"
  • Ian Alexander Andrews - "Military Aid to the Civil Power: The Cape Breton Coal Strike of 1909-1910"
  • Harold A. Kevin McQuinn - "Great Britain and the Red River: An Examination of Imperial Involvement in the Transfer of the North-West Territory to Canada, and in the Red River Rebellion"
  • David Ian Hall - "Peering Through the Veil of Uncertainty: British anti-invasion planning, 1940"


  • Randall William Heather - "The British Army in Northern Ireland 1969-1972"


  • Robert Francis Cooper - "War: The Soviet Perspective 1917-1957"


  • Christopher Tad Lockett - "The Use of Military Civic Action as a Tool of Counterinsurgency in the Context of United States Military Assistance to Latin America from 1962 to 1967"


  • Joseph Marc Milner - "No Higher Purpose: The Canadian Navy's Mid-Atlantic War. 1939-1944"
  • Hurdon Arthur Hooper - "The Canadian Perspective: Canadian Newspaper Coverage of the Hungarian 1956, the Czechozlovak 1968 and the Polish 1980-81 Crises"
  • Alexander Perry Biddiscombe - "U.S. Planning for the Future of Germany, 1942-1944: A Study of the Ideological Background to the American Debate on Germany"


  • Robert Edward Cockram - "Canadian Gunner Battle School 1943-45: The Italian Campaign and the Employment of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division's Artillery"


  • John Anthony Newland - "The Rise of the Canadian Presence in France, 1882-1928: A Study in the Growth and Expansion of Overseas Canadian Diplomacy"
  • Joseph Marc Milner - "Canadian Escorts and the Mid Atlantic"


  • James Brent Wilson - "Morale and Discipline the British Expeditionary Force, 1914-1918"


  • Brian Ernest Bradshaw-Ellis - "Seven Lean Years: The organization and Administration of he Imperial General Staff 1926-1933"


  • Dale Robert Cogswell - "The American Revolution as a Revolutionary War: A Bibliographical Report on Secondary Literature (Report)"
  • Father Charles Gordon Brewer - "The Diocese of Antigonish and World War I (Report)"


  • David Anderson Charters - "With the Wings of the Eagle- Canadian Air Mobile Forces 1945-1970"


  • Craig Pearson- "Arthur Hendrick Vandenburg and the Truman Doctrine (Report)"


  • Jospeh Duane Rodgers - "British Annexations in South Africa in the 1880's in Response to German Activities"
  • Kenneth Edward Francis - "The Times and the Franco-Prussian War"


  • Edward Augustine Farpen - "American Foreign Policy in Aspects of the Dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire"


  • Pao-Liang Chu - "A Comparative Study of the Foreign Policies of Great Britain and Japan Respecting China, 1923-1928"


  • Daivd Richard Facey Crowther - "The New Brunswick Militia, 1784-1871"


  • George Harris Cassar - "The Dardanelles Operation from the Perspective of the Bonar Law Papers"


  • May Anne Keith - "Canadian Foreign Policy and the Manchurian Crisis"


  • Gertrude Elizabeth Gunn - "New Brunswick Opinion on the American Civil War"