Terrorism and Transnational Crime: Evolving Challenges to Security and Policing

Conference Program

Friday Afternoon, 3 October 2003

Keynote Address

  • Terrorism and Trans-National Crime: A Global Perspective, Phil Williams (University of Pittsburgh)

Panel 1: Terrorism and Crime: Case Studies

  • Russian Intelligence Services, Organized Crime, and Nuclear Terrorism, Julie Anderson (City University of New York)
  • Lessons of the ‘Nord-Ost': Transformations of a Criminal Chechen Network in the Russian Security Discourse, Viktoriya Topalova (University of British Columbia)
  • The Tamil Tigers, Terrorism and Organized Crime, John Thompson (Mackenzie Institute)
  • Narco-Terrorism in Colombia, Cynthia Watson (National Defense University)

Panel 2: Comprehending and Responding to the Challenge

  • Boxing With Shadows: Understanding and Addressing the Global Asymmetric Threat Complex, Christopher Corpora (American University)
  • The Emperor's New Clothes: The Privatization of Security and the American War on Terrorism, Christopher Spearin (Canadian Forces College)

Evening: Reception

Saturday Morning, 4 October 2003

Panel 3: Democracy, Terrorism and Crime

  • Democratic Counter-Terrorism: Fundamental Principles and Best Practices, G. Davidson-Smith (Canadian Security Intelligence Service)
  • The Role of Parliament in Security Oversight in Canada, Roy Rempel (Defence Association Network News)
  • The Delicate Balance Revisited: The Implications of 4th Generation Warfare and al Qaeda for Civil Liberties, State Security and Organized Crime, Stuart Farson (Simon Fraser Univeristy)

Panel 4: Perspectives on Intelligence-Led Policing

  • Intelligence-Led Policing: A Canadian National Perspective, Superintendent Bill Adams (RCMP)
  • Intelligence-Led Policing: A Provincial and Regional View, David Charters (University of New Brunswick)
  • Can Intelligence-Led Policing Do More Than Round Up the Usual Suspects?, Peter Gill (Liverpool John Moores University)


Panel 5: Managing Intelligence and Security

  • Countering Terrorism and Serious Crime in the United Kingdom, Detective Superintendent Colette Paul (Metropolitan Police, UK)
  • The Experience of a Provincial Criminal Intelligence Fusion Center, TBA (Department of Public Safety, Province of New Brunswick)
  • Responses to Terrorism by International Organizations, Kate Bryden (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade)

Panel 6: The Crime-Terrorism Nexus in Critical Perspective

  • Chair: Margaret Beare (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Discussants: Phil Williams, Christopher Corpora, G. Davidson-Smith, Stuart Farson, Peter Gill

Summation: David Charters

Saturday Evening

  • Banquet, Kings Landing Historical Settlement