The Canadian Army and the Human Dimension of Warfare

Feb. 3-4, 2016
Wu Conference Centre
University of New Brunswick
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

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Human Dimension of WarfareThe theme for our 2016 conference concerns the human dimension of warfare in the past, present, and future. Canada’s small army has long demanded high standards from soldiers and combat leaders at every level to give it a fighting edge.  However, in today’s uncertain world of proliferating, low-cost technologies Canada and its allies are increasingly looking at optimizing the human performance of personnel in order to meet potential adversaries and security threats.  This year’s conference considers the human dimension of warfare as it relates to the Canadian Army. This year’s Gregg Centre, UNB-Combat Training Centre Annual Conference forms part of the Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre’s Army Integrated Performance Program.  

Annual Gregg Centre - Combat Training Centre Conference

This event brings Canadian Forces personnel, academics, officials from partnered government departments, NGOs, students and the general public together in one forum to discuss defence matters of import to the nation. Our unique emphasis falls on how national and international policy relates to soldiers deployed on active operations. The event is co-organized with the CTC's Tactics School.

Key participants include instructor cadre from corps and branch schools at CFB Gagetown's Combat Training Centre making this event a vehicle for disseminating new research throughout the army. Members of other Canadian Forces elements and branches are encouraged to attend. The conference is also open to civilians, academics and students who wish to see inside today's Canadian Forces.