Ground Truths: Intelligence, Information and Situational Awareness on Stability Operations

On October 22 and 23, 2009, The Gregg Centre at the University of New Brunswick, hosted its Annual Fall Conference in cooperation with the Combat Training Centre, CFB Gagetown.  The theme of this year's conference is the enduring challenge of managing intelligence, information and situational awareness on modern stability operations that include a range of military forces, intelligence agencies, police services, civilian government ministries and non-governmental aid agencies.


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Final Conference Program:

Wu Conference Centre,
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton,
22-23 October 2009


Thursday 22 October

0830 Welcome and Conference Admin - Marc Milner, Director of The Gregg Centre

0900 Panel 1 - Truths Grounded in History: Intelligence Experience in Stability Operations

British Intelligence in Counter-Insurgency from Palestine to Northern Ireland, Professor David Charters (The Gregg Centre, UNB),

Intelligence Led-Peacekeeping: the UN Mission in Haiti 2006-07, Professor Walter Dorn (Royal Military College)

Situational Awareness in the Darfur Mission, Colonel Dave Patterson (2OSG)

1030 Break

1100 Panel 2 - Intelligence Partners and/or Force Multipliers?

With Friends Like These': The Challenge of Intelligence Support and Coordination with Local Security Forces, Mr. Andrew Feltham (Carleton)

(Re)Building Local Intelligence Systems: The Case of Iraq, Dr. Lawrence Cline (US DoD ret'd; Int Officer Iraq, 2007)

1200 Luncheon

1300 Panel 3 - The PRT Window on Local Communities

The Provincial Reconstruction Team as a Stability Operations Information Hub, 2007, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Chamberlain (CEFCOM)

The Evolution of the PRT Information Hub, 2008, Major Joe Hartson (C-IED Centre)

The Collision of Theory and Practice: Force Protection and Intelligence, Captain H. C. Breede (2RCR)

1430 Break

1500 Panel 4 - Cultural Awareness as an Intelligence Tool

It's All About the People: Cultural Intelligence as a Force Multiplier, Professor Emily Spencer (UNBC)

Cultural and Ethnographic Intelligence Support to Counterinsurgency Operations, Mr. Alexei Gavriel (Boston University)

1600 Panel 5 - New Challenges in Maintaining Situational Awareness

NGO-Driven Intelligence and NGO Safety, Sergeant David MacLeod (HQ 2 CMBG)

Military Liaison in the NGO Community, Sergeant Nathan Ronaldson (LFAA)

The Climate of Conflict: Weather as an Intelligence Task, MWO Ray Fonger, (Joint Meteorological Centre)

1715 Sessions end

1830 Reception and dinner at Crowne Plaza


Friday, 23 October

0830 Keynote Address - Colonel J.B. Simms (Commander, CTC)

0930 Panel 6 - Managing Intelligence in Operations

Managing Intelligence at the Battle Group Level, Captain Owen Savage (PPCLI; Army G2 Staff)

Intelligence Support to Stability Operations: Managing Risk, George Kolisnek (Carleton)

1030 Break

1040 Panel 7 - Thinking Big About Small Wars Intelligence: Critical Issues

Intelligence, Interrogation, Torture: Legal and Moral Issues, Dr. Melissa Ptacek (The Gregg Centre, UNB)

Intelligence Trends in Afghan Counter-Insurgency, Lieutenant-Colonel Lawrence Dufour (COS 34 Bde)

Does Canada Need a DIA? Implications and Questions Arising From
the Defence Intelligence Review and Stability Operations, Dr. Stuart Farson (SFU)

1215 Luncheon

1330 Panel 8 Summation: Key Lessons and Themes

1430 Conference Ends



For further information contact:

Dr. Lee Windsor, Deputy Director, Gregg Centre: 506-453-4911; or

Dr. David Charters, Senior Fellow, Gregg Centre: 506-458-7740;