The 2016 Eaton Lecture

All Hell Let Loose: Remembering The Experience Of World War II for Those ‘At The Sharp End’

by Sir Max Hastings
Monday, Nov. 7, 2016, 6:30 p.m.
Royal Ontario Museum
Toronto, ON

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A reception at The York Club will immediately follow the lecture. The York Club has a strict dress code.

About the Lecture

In the 2016 Eaton Lecture Sir Max Hastings will explore the human significance of the greatest event in history for the hundreds of millions who took part.

“When I first began to write about wars I thought they were about soldiers and people who shot at each other,” Hastings says. “Today I understand that to grasp the nature of the world's great conflicts it is essential to look beyond battlefields, to the experiences of huge numbers of people whose lives were dramatically affected, yet became victims rather than protagonists. This is especially true of women."

Sir Max HastingsThe lecture will be followed by a reception at The York Club in Toronto.

Sir Max Hastings has been writing about the experience of war and soldiering throughout his entire professional career. His frontline coverage as a journalist of the 1982 Falklands War, and a myriad of conflicts of the post-Cold War era earned him a knighthood in 2002. Through his journalism and a series of superb books on modern military history, Hastings has made the experience of soldiering accessible to a wide audience. His most recent book, Catastrophe 1914, explores the opening phases of the Great War.

It is fair to say, however, that Hastings’ abiding passion is the Second World War. His first major work in that field, Bomber Command (1979), won the Somerset Maugham Award for the best book published by a writer under the age of 35. He has subsequently been awarded the Pritzker Literary Award for lifetime achievement in military writing and the Duke of Westminster's Medal for Military Literature for his 2011 comprehensive history of the Second World War, All Hell Let Loose.

Banner images courtesy of Legion Magazine Archives and Norm Betts.