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Summer 2020 featured courses

Group of students walking together

The following courses are from Summer 2020. Featured Summer 2021 courses are coming soon.

All on-campus, in-person Summer Term courses will be offered through alternative delivery methods.

Scientist looking at a beaker of liquidGeneral Chemistry I

CHEM 1001

An introduction to atoms and molecules, chemical equations and reactions, the periodic table, the electronic structure of atoms, and chemical bonding as well as an introduction to organic chemistry including structure and bonding, functional groups, isomers, and polymers. An adequate high school background in math, and chemistry is required.

Science fiction image of men in suits with televisions instead of headsIntroduction to Science Fiction

ENGL 2984

An introduction to the study of literary science fiction. Students will consider some of the key historical and cultural events leading up to the period of this study (which will span approximately two hundred years, from the early nineteenth century to the later part of the twentieth century), and we will read several novels, a play, and a collection of short fiction. Classes involve lectures, discussions, and (optional) group work; clear and effective writing as well as critical thinking and reading are emphasized and encouraged.

Young woman sitting at a table writingCreative Writing: Non-Fiction

ENGL 3153

A creative writing course aimed at developing skills in the writing of non-fiction. It involves prescribed readings, exercises, workshops, and discussions.

Group of people around a table with lots of papers and notesContemporary Marketing Issues

ADM 4335

Considers contemporary issues in marketing. Taught as a seminar-based course and requires readings and detailed discussions of articles relevant to the selected topics of enquiry.

Chalkboard with equations on itIntroduction to Calculus I

MATH 1003

Functions and graphs, limits, derivatives of polynomial, log, exponential and trigonometric functions. Curve sketching and extrema of functions. NOTE: Credit may be obtained for only one of MATH 1003, MATH 1053 or MATH 1823. Part-time students will be charged a course fee for the MATH 1003 credit.

A man and woman in active wear sitting on some stepsIntroduction to Sport and Leisure Psychology

KIN 2032

Provides an introduction to the psychological influence of sport, physical activity, and leisure on the individual. Current social psychological theory about sport, physical activity, and leisure behaviour will be examined through a wide variety of sport, leisure, and exercise psychology topics.

Man dressed in renaissance clothes playing an instrumentHistory of Music in Medieval and Renaissance Periods

HIST 3765/MUS 3765

Introduction to music between 800 and 1600, studying representative styles and putting this music in a historical perspective.

A sign that says "Hablas Espanol?"Introductory Spanish I

SPAN 1203

Gives students solid background in the fundamentals of the Spanish language by engaging them in both classroom and computer laboratory settings in communicative use of the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Closed to students with any knowledge of Spanish.

Spanish words clustered togetherIntroductory Spanish II

SPAN 1204

Continuation of SPAN 1203. Students will build on the materials covered in SPAN 1203. Emphasis will be placed on improved listening, speaking, reading and writing. Multimedia approach to language and culture will be used. Students will be acquainted with background on Hispanic culture. Prerequisite: SPAN 1203.

Hands wrapped in chains breaking freeHistory of Slavery

HIST 3615

Studies ways in which Western slavery and emancipation were experienced, perceived, explained, symbolized and related to European attitudes. Focuses on the lives of African slaves.

Hand written religious and magic symbols with ink spillsReligion, Magic, and Witchcraft in the Medieval World

HIST 1008

This course introduces students to the complex and fascinating world of religious and scientific beliefs and magical practices maintained by people living during the high and late Middle Ages in Europe and the Middle East, from about 1200 AD to 1600 AD. Considerable attention is paid to the development of the Inquisition against heresy, the growing fear over supposed diabolical conspiracies, and the development of the witch stereotype in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Paper boats sailing across a chalkboardIntroduction to Organizational Behaviour

BA 2504

This course is offered through UNB Saint John.

An introduction to the contributions of the applied behavioural sciences to the study of people at work in organizations. The fundamentals of individual and group behaviour are covered as well as selected topics in motivation, leadership, communication, conflict and organizational change. Prerequisite: Successful completion of 24 credit hours or admission to a certificate program in the Faculty of Business.

Person holding a credit card, looking at their phoneConsumer Behaviour

BA 3328

This course is offered through UNB Saint John.

Designed to expose a variety of concepts, explain their interrelationships, and develop an understanding of consumer decision-making processes. Includes basic individual determinants of consumer behaviour, environmental influences on consumers, purchase processes, post-purchase processes, market segmentation, brand loyalty and message appeals. Prerequisite: BA 2303.

Young child getting a book from the bookshelfChildren's Literature

ENGL 3709

This course is offered through UNB Saint John.

This course provides an overview of children's literature.

Multiple colourful photos of different people Cross Cultural Psychology

PSYC 3453

This course is offered through UNB Saint John.

Cross-cultural influences on behaviour, cognition, motivation, and personality variation. Methodological issues are examined. Prerequisites: PSYC 1003 and PSYC 1004.

A laptop with 4 people in a video conference on itIndustrial Psychology

PSYC 3803

This course is offered through UNB Saint John.

Application of psychological knowledge to business and industrial problems. Prerequisites: PSYC 1003 and PSYC 1004.

Person at a desk writing in a bookEffective Writing

HUM 1021

This course is offered through UNB Saint John.

Examines various aspects of effective writing in English including vocabulary, sentence structure, organization of material, and essays of a descriptive, comparative, expository, critical and argumentative nature. Includes numerous written exercises. NOTE: Students may not receive credit for both HUM 1021 and HUM 2121. 

A bookshelf in the shape of a head, with books on itIntroduction to Logic, Reasoning and Critical Thinking

PHIL 1053

This course is offered through UNB Saint John.

An introduction to informal logic - the logic of ordinary language. Topics covered include inductive, deductive, moral and ethical arguments and fallacies in reasoning. Special emphasis is given to showing the importance of logic and critical reasoning as it relates to our personal and professional lives, the public forum of business, politics and ethical debates, and popular culture and media. 

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