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Featured undergraduate courses

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We've put together a collection of upcoming credit courses we think you'll love!

Coins and financial symbolsPrinciples of Finance

ADM 2413

Analyses the basic tools and concepts of finance and illustrates their application to practical problems faced by managers. Topics include: the time value of money, term structure of interest rates, valuation of financial securities, financial statement analysis, financial planning, working capital management and short-term and long-term sources of financing. Provides an introduction to the techniques of capital budgeting and the concepts of risk and return on options.

Prerequisite: ADM 1213.

The word "ethics" underlined in redProfessional Ethics for Practitioners of Adult Education

ED 3011

Introduction to ethical theory and philosophical approaches to reflective practice emphasizing self-examination, decision making, and ethical standards in the field of adult education. Participants use field experience to support readings and case studies.

Neurons in a brain firingFoundations of Biological Psychology *NEW*

PSYC 2703

An introduction to basic neurophysiology, neurochemistry and neuroanatomy for humans and other animals. The course will cover the methods used to discover the fundamental processes underlying neural function and provide basic knowledge for an understanding of how the nervous system is able to produce and control behaviour.

Prerequisite: Introductory Psychology (6 ch) or permission of instructor.

A board with the words "Parlez-vous francais?"Basic French II / Français fondamental II

FR 1015

This course is a continuation of FR 1014. It is not open to students educated in French, students who have participated in immersion programs, or students who have completed grade 12 (Core) French. NOTE: It may not be taken for credit by students who have succesfully completed any course offered by the Department of French other than FR 1014.

Prerequisite: FR 1014. 

Hands breaking chainsHistory of Slavery through Film and Literature *NEW*

HIST 3615

This course studies ways in which Western slavery and emancipation were experienced, perceived, explained, symbolized, and related to European attitudes. The course focuses on the lives of African slaves.

Professionals working togetherManagement Information Systems

ADM 2713

This course covers the application of different forms of computer technologies in enterprises, supply chains, and the marketplace in general; understanding of the system solution implementation process; understanding of the role of computer technologies in altering business processes in all applications, the decision-making process normally conducted by humans but now accomplished through tools like robotics and artificial intelligence. Specific emphasis, will be placed on the development of data analytic skills using spreadsheet software in a lab-based teaching environment.

Prerequisites: 30 ch

Violin on sheets of musicIntroduction to Music Appreciation

MUS 2114

This introductory course in music appreciation is for the classical music lover with little or no music background. This course covers elements of music, performing media, and historical music periods from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century. The student will be introduced to music terminology, important composers and will develop listening skills. May require attendance to a symphony and additional lab fee.

Restriction: Credit cannot be obtained for FNAT 2123 and MUS 2123.

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