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Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

Keeping workers safe and well, both physically and mentally, is arguably an employer’s most important job. It is critical to keep safety as your organization's top priority and ensure you and your workers are returning home safely every day.

Readers Choice Award 2022  

UNB is the proud recipient of the 2022 Readers’ Choice award. Readers of Canadian Occupational Safety magazine voted UNB one of the top three educational institutions in Canada for its Occupational Health & Safety programs.


Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (COHS)

Workers on-site

Develop the competencies needed to be effective in the development, implementation, and evaluation of Occupational Health & Safety programs and systems in your workplace. The Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety (COHS) program consists of 11 courses designed to map to the 113 competencies identified in the 2020 BCRSP Examination Blueprint.


  • COHS 3110 Health and Safety Program Basics
  • COHS 3120 Fundamentals of Occupational Hygiene
  • COHS 3130 Legislative Compliance and Corporate Responsibility
  • COHS 3210 Management of Health and Safety Systems
  • COHS 3220 Management, Leadership, and Organizational Behaviour
  • COHS 3230 Risk Management and Risk Communication
  • COHS 3310 Accident Causation Theory and Incident Investigation
  • COHS 3320 Fundamentals of Environmental Management
  • COHS 3330 Fire Prevention and Protection
  • COHS 3340 Ergonomics
  • COHS 3410 Auditing OHS Management Systems

$595 (no HST) per course

1-888-259-4222 (Option 1)

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Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS)

Man working with a forklift

The Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety (DOHS) is an advanced, online program has been designed for OHS leaders, and emerging leaders, who hold a UNB approved certificate in OHS or a professional designation such as the CRST® or CRSP®. Broaden your skills and knowledge in the area of health and safety with a combination of courses in leadership, business, management, and specialized technical topics. This program consists of 10 courses (four required core courses and six technical electives).


  • Required:
    • COHS 4111 Effective Communications
    • COHS 4131 Human Performance Leadership
    • COHS 4141 Effective Workplace Training
    • COHS 4151 Psychological Health and Safety
  • Elective (you can select any six):
    • COHS 4211 Managing Substance Abuse in the Workplace
    • COHS 4221 Disability Management
    • COHS 4231 Safety in Complex Work Environments
    • COHS 4241 Working at Elevation
    • COHS 4251 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • COHS 4261 Program Planning & Wellness in the Workplace
    • COHS 4271 Fatigue Management
    • COHS 4291 Data Driven Decision Making
    • CCSL 4510 Understanding Your Leadership Potential (Know Yourself)

$645 (no HST) per course

1-888-259-4222 (Option 1)

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CRST® and CRSP® Exam Preparation Courses

Blocks with health and safety symbols on them

Our CRST® and CRSP® Exam Prep courses are ideal for anyone planning to write the Canadian Registered Safety Professionals CRST® or CRSP® exam. The courses provide you with an intense review of the nine domains described in the BCRSP 2020 Examination Blueprint and offers practice exams, instructional support, study tips, and exam writing techniques.

$550 (+HST)

1-888-259-4222 (Option 1)

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Certificate in Safety Leadership Program (CSL)

A hand stopping dominoes from falling over

Helping Safety Practitioners Find Their Voice

The Certificate in Safety Leadership (CSL) helps participants through the development of specific skills, knowledge, and abilities required to gain influence, build consensus, and successfully create positive change in the organizations where they work. This program includes three courses, each with five online learning modules.


  • CCSL 4510 - Understanding Your Leadership Potential (Know Yourself)
  • CCSL 4520 - Managing People (Know Others)
  • CCSL 4530 - Organizational Leadership 

$550 (no HST) per course

1-888-259-4222 (Option 1)

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Certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership (CPSL)

Coworkers in a meeting

The Certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership (CPSL) is a three-course program that has been designed to equip leaders with the skills and insight needed to identify mental risks and reduce mental harms in the workplace. To be clear, this is not about counselling an at-risk employee, it is about creating an atmosphere where mental health is supported, leading to reduction in lost time, improved productivity, and more.

This program is engaging, incorporating a wide variety of relevant articles, white papers, assessments, video lectures, and more.

This certificate program includes three courses. You can register for the full certificate or an individual course. To register for courses individually, click the name of the course.

CPSL courses

Psychologically Safe Workplaces

This course will help the learner to identify and understand the elements of a psychologically safe workplace and its link to overall performance for the organization. Learners will review mental harms and risks, and how their leadership can positively or negatively impact the employee experience.

Becoming a Psychologically Safe Leader

In order to become a psychologically safe leader, one must also ensure that they are attending to their own psychological safety. Learners will complete a number of assessments, geared to understanding strengths and opportunity areas in the arena of intrapersonal skills and behaviours that rely on those skills.

Promoting a Psychologically Safe Workplace

In a psychologically safe workplace, employees will be able to share their experience, thoughts, and ideas without fear of reprisal or retaliatory action—the psychologically safe leader is the conduit to a culture that reduces mental risks and harms, while continuing to drive performance at the organizational level.

$177 (+HST) for full program
$59 (+HST) per course


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