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Top 7 Reasons to Summer with UNB

Take a course this summer

Don't let COVID-19 get the best of your summer. You can get ahead in your degree from the comfort and safety of your home.

"UNB offers online courses in a variety of topics and levels from which students can choose during Summer Term," says Belinda Elliott-Bielecki, director of marketing and communications at the University of New Brunswick College of Extended Learning (UNB CEL).

Elliott-Bielecki explains that there are many considerations and benefits to taking a course during summer. She strongly recommends that you discuss options with your academic advisor before making any decisions.

Here are the top seven reasons you should take a course at UNB this summer:

1) Tackle a challenging class

Choose to focus on that tough class and get it out of the way!

2) Learn at your own pace

UNB Online offers flexibility and accessibility. Even though you may not be able to go out, you can still have a productive summer earning credits toward your degree with online courses.

3) Stay on track for graduation

You may have strayed from your four-year plan for whatever the reasons—online summer courses allow you to catch up.

4) Lighten your course load during fall and winter terms

Taking a course during summer can free up your fall and winter schedule, so it is easier to balance work and study.

5) Explore different course offerings

Your fall and winter semesters schedules can be tight, as you fill your program requirements. Summer classes give you a chance to discover different subjects.

6) Stay focused

Maintaining your studies over the coming months can keep your critical thinking and analytical skills sharp. The best part is, you'll be ready to hit the ground running when you start classes in September!

7) Help the environment

Online learning is better for the environment. Learning from home means fewer CO2 emissions and less energy used per student.

If financing your studies during summer is a barrier, research to see if there are any awards or scholarships available. You may also qualify for financial aid and a student loan.

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